Thursday, July 8, 2010

CPR Day of madnesS


Today was a good day. I had my CPR Training. It got me to thinking about a few things that are so important to us Indigenous folk.

1.) WE NEED TO EAT HEALTHIER - We have to learn more about our physical selves and how we react to different foods. We need to DRINK MORE WATER!!! We need to make sure we get enough fruits and vegetables. The thing that sucks, is not having enough $$$ to purchase healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Which leads me to...

2.) WE NEED TO LEARN ABOUT LOCAL OPTIONS - there is a North End Food Security Network (from NECRC) that aims to provide North Enders with tools they need to become self sustaining. Meaning growing veggies in our yards and having grass on our roof! But we need to learn the whole process. NECRC can show us that. Check out their website here!

NEFSN Vision

The North End Food Security’s vision is a community where there is nutritious, safe and culturally appropriate food available for all members of the community, access to local food production, adequate and appropriate knowledge of healthy food choices, and ongoing care and improvement of the environment.

3.) I DON'T EVER WANT TO HAVE TO DO CPR ON A BABY - This one is just personal but it was pretty unsettling to have to do some CPR on a little baby doll. But lemme tell you I payed attention alright. I actually think more people should get their CPR Certificates, The place I went to was pretty cool, I learned.

Anyway, I'm exhausted and have some work to do on a few things. Gonna try and get some prizes for AYO! Or something simlairly exciting. I wanted to put a cool quote in here and talk about it... ah what the heck:

"It's not about you, It's about them"

That quote reminds me of the teaching of HUMILITY. Whenever I get discouraged I remember this, and it helps motivate me through the challenging times. Nawmean?

In other news I walked outside for about an hour today and my poor knees are on fire. Perhaps the Doctor would be in order soon to fix me up. I'm lookin' for work but keepin' myself busy with CPR and AYO! and ARROWS and Project SAM and holy a million acronyms.... But yes, good times being unemployed. Have faith my friends, we are never given more than we can handle. And it's not about us as individuals, it is about the children.

The End

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