Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday's Child: ARROWS

Man do I feel discouraged today. I think a lot of it has to do with trying to feel out the pressures of life. As much as I try to be a pro, I really don't get a lot of the things that happen in this world. There have been many times where I feel super discouraged by the things I see, or disheartened by the way I am treated by others. This can be as easy as watching a couple walking together outside, or watching a young brown kid being treated with discrimination. I take these observations very personally and it effects me, a lot.

What I need to learn how to do is to look at the positive side of things. Learn about what my challenges are and take the adult route and address that issue. If I am not mature enough to address that, then I think that I need to suffer a little bit more, lol. I also need to remember that RELATIONSHIPS are two way streets and that I need to relay on others and ask for help, cuz I might need some help from them and their gifts too.

Now, taking that advice, there ARE a lot of really great things that are happening
  1. its summertime :)
  2. AYO! just had its second event: AYO! Education
  3. I am gonna be training a group of kids for ARROWS today
  4. I got to meet up with some people that really wanna help us young Aboriginal people make positive change.
On another note I made a burnt CD called Children of Ignorance. Its a good time, check out one of the songs on that CD HERE.

Take care everyone, try to stay sunny eh.


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