Friday, October 8, 2010

Workin' SAFE (If I Can!!!)

Sup world

Holy man have things ever been crazy as of late. Well since last time I updated, I have become homeless and have finally gotten a job EH!!!!

Anyway, I have been learning an immense amount in the last few months, life-wise, work-wise, and just in regards to what I can handle.

SAFE Workers of Tomorrow is my new job. I am the Indigenous Liaison and also an occupational health and safety presenter. Its tons of fun, but lots to learn. I am now available to go around and work with the Indigenous youth of our province, delivering info on their worker rights and how to keep themselves safe at work. I love it, check out the website HERE.

These guys are kinda part of our work, but you can win stuff on their website and also check out videos of the "CREEPY GUY" yup, that's the one on the billboards, he's even scarier in live action!!

Next, I am le homeless as it were. It was fun couch surfing for the first like...2 seconds of being homeless, then it was no good anymore. I am looking for a 1 bedroom place thats cheap and in the North End, anyone who can help me with that...lets do it. LOL.

Finally, pride. Very recently, many of the young people that I have worked with have been involved in some ridiculously amazing stuff. I'm talking getting involved in programs/opportunities where they can talk about INTEGRITY and they can talk about their experiences and what made the difference for them. I am so filled with pride when I think of how many great things the young people I work with are doing on a daily basis. I get even more excited thinking of all the young ones that are going to come after us and continue to represent us poor brown kids in an awesomely positive way.

Check out CJOB's Audio Vault on October 8/10 @ 9:00am and LISTEN TO MY KIDS BE AWESOME! (link expired - Nov 2010)

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