Friday, December 3, 2010

AYO! Forever

Sup World

Guess what? It is tOtaLly almost time for me to unveil the Master PlanZ for AYO! Aboriginal Youth Opportunities. I'm so excited I can barely sleep.

MC Update
So I have begun doing speeches again @ United Way Winnipeg which is awesome cuz I got to do a bit of work with Mr Mark Chipman, which is awesomeness. I am still @ my job with SAFE Workers of Tomorrow and am so excited because I NOW HAVE A PLACE TO STAY!!!!! Hooray for Redwall. In other car has bit the bullet and requires a new engine in order to be it really worth is, is it?

We as a group have been gaining momentum since we began this anti-gang journey in the North End of Winnipeg in March of 2010. We are an informal, non-funded network of community youth who will not stand for this anymore. We have an example to set and are sick of people doing things FOR us and AT us. We will decide what we need to heal. Thank you very much. AYO! has a main goal of filling in the gaps that current youth serving agencies in the North End of Winnipeg are failing to address. We'll build it ourselves if we have to. My next post will explain what some of the projects with AYO! are gonna be. We got this you guys, we got this.

Follow me on Twitter if you wanna @northendmc. I have become quite infatuated with this Twitter business...I kinda like it. I am gonna start REPRESENTING with the #AYO hashtag. And while we are on the topic of Social Media, you folks better check me out on Youtube (Michaelp3) and as myself, on Facebook.

Thank You
So much to the organizations and community/city leaders that support the young people in the North End. I would like to specifically shout out to Judy (for Mayor) and Kevin Chief for being local political role models and inspiring the young people to get involved. Fantastical.

Check back soon, more plans with AYO! are on the way!



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