Thursday, January 27, 2011



I have very recently become a bit obsessed with pencils. Why?! Well, if I actually sit and think about it for a second... Writing in pen is awesome, easier (for me), and definitely more formal... However, there is an impermanence about pencil that I have recently come to love. I love it how I can write something that I intend to accomplish down...but then, if circumstances change, I can erase it and fix it. Wouldn't it be awesome if we tried to look at things the same way a pencil looks @ a paper? where things were erasable, because we all knew, from the moment you started using that pencil, that this idea could chAnGE. And change was all good, that's why you wrote it in pencil in the first place.

Pretty awesome concept. I like pencils.

Creative Expressions has moved to C.O.T.E. (Children of the Earth)! It will run from 3:45pm-5:30pm starting February 7th. You bring yourself, we bring food. Chekk it on facebook. Creative Expressions is a weekly program where we can sit and vent healthily. We also take on a new theme each week, and try to realize how we can use different methods to express ourselves.

Finally, NECRC and youth. We had a fantastic time last night @ the Community Feast. Special shout out to the notorious Ninoondawah and his buddy for helping out @ COTE last night. Also shout out to Noondy, his friend and Avril especially for their help with the door prize. At the end of the event, the community member (like 100!!) prioritized 9 issues in the North End. Youth priorities came in as priority #1. Congrats North End Youth. But again...

We Have A Lot Of Work To Do.

I'm so thankful and proud.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

AYO! NewZ! GoT MoNeY, Wiisiniwin and Creative Expressions

Sup world

On Thursday January 13th 2011, awesomeness struck again in the North End of Winnipeg. At Aboriginal Visioning for the North End, AYO! held a youth proposal writing event called ‘GoT MoNeY?’ The event was intended to present a crash course on how to write proposals, a presentation on AYO! and what we have accomplished to date, as well as a collaborative effort to write our very first proposal. Of course we also ate some awesomely healthy food provided by North End Food Security Network!

Shout out to the youth who attended this event (Jamal, Shaun, Candace, Wanita and Liicious) and our hostess with the mostest Jenna (Aboriginal Visioning).

Wiisiniwin (Ojib for ‘Food’)

We wrote our first proposal for ‘Wiisiniwin’ a food security project aimed to empower youth in the North End to eat healthy and share the goodness with others. It would start with getting 5 youth leaders to take a one month crash course in Food Security and Alternative Food Systems. They would learn about food security, how to grow things locally, ‘agri’ and ‘horti’ cultures and so much more (especially planting chickens).

After that, they would take a one month crash course to learn how to adapt the info and decide how they wanna deliver it out to the other youth and the North End community. After that, we spend the next few months dishing it out.

Oh yeah, the five youth leaders, get paid cash money every time they come out to a session, and they can put ALL the individual sessions on their resume (including ARROWS, Proposal Writing and Public Speaking, WORD!)

I am submitting the proposal to MAFRA today wish us luck!!! (successfully applied on Sat Jan 15 2011, wish us luck!)

Shout out to Blaine and Kevin aka ‘BK’ aka the ‘Burger KingZ’ for suggesting the theme this week (which is on Tuesday).

Creative Expressions is no longer allowed to happen at Ndinawe Youth Resource Centre as my ‘services are no longer required’ and we are not allowed to have the program there any more. However, Aboriginal Visioning for the North End has agreed to take over hosting duties located only a block WeSt @ 586 Selkirk Avenue (Google Map it here!)

We will be playing x-BoX 360 from 5:30-7:30pm and doing some writing and drawing. Bring your books and ideas cuz we need to figure out what the next few CE Nights are gonna look like! We will also be having some ‘requested’ food… whatever that means.

Speaking of different methods of 'Creative Expression'….check out what I did with my hair :O

Thanks so much to all the youth who have been so involved in the last little while, things are going wickedly with AYO!


Northend MC

PS – I totally walked an hour in -27 today to meet up with Kevin Lameroux (MP for Wpg North) and he wasn’t even there. He says on his website that he is there every Saturday from 10am to 2pm. I was there @ 12:30pm and left there at 1:30 pm and saw no sign of him. Interesting eh?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

RIP Darryl & Good Luck Williams

Sup people

Sad News today.

A couple not so great things just happened in our hood that we should all be aware of.


The First Murder of the year happened this weekend on Dufferin Ave. It was a dispute, while folks were 'socializing' in a MB Housing high rise. My condolences to the family of Daryl John Sinclair.

Homicides like this really damage the entire community. No one deserves to lose their life in a dispute. The conditions that people live in in the North End sometimes really aren't that great. People are suffering with poverty, addictions and all sorts of crapiness relating to housing.

Thank goodness there are organizations like SEED (to help people save money), Native Addictions (just on Salter & Pritchard, they even have a youth program!) and NECRC's Housing Program and Grants!! OF course, considering that we are such a young population in the city and North End here, shout out to the youth working hard on the many aspects of AYO! (we're holding a proposal writing event this Thursday on Selkirk Ave).

When I was really young (3) we had a house fire when we lived on Peningham. The after effects of that fire left me paralyzed for a few days from the waste down thanks to shock. I was Paralyzed. I was 3.

So it really his home when I hear a crappy story like the one that happened also on Saturday in the North End, on Flora Ave. Shoot. The Williams, which is led by a single father and 10 kids are now out of a place to stay. As if housing in Winnipeg isn't already crappy enough without houses full of 11 people burn down. Good luck to you guys, too.

I hope that we as a North End community can come together and show support to the families that have been so affected by violence and more the past couple days. We are a strong community and always pull together when we need to, and take care of each other.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

HORRIBLE - Home Sweet Home (stead)

I am horrified.
I have spent the first day of 2011 reading about American History. And I say again:
I am Horrified.

I have been learnin for sometime about the plight of our Indigenous people here in North America and have been pretty distraught over it. Looking at the current ghettoes that have been created where many first nations people try to live in urban centres *coughNORTHENDcough*, the third world like conditions still present in many Reservations and now this... this horrible influx of knowledge. As a counter to this crappy feeling I get, I gotta grab a grandfather stone, hold it close and remember the teaching of COURAGE; because that is what us Native youth will need in order to heal from these wounds that come from generations of abuse.
When I learned about the Homestead Act earlier this year, it made me mad. It was essentially the government in the South-Eastern United States (in the early 1800s) saying:
"look at all this unassigned land, lets give it away to settlers for FREE since NO ONE is using it."
No one is using it? How 'bout that's the land that 'belongs' (since Westerners seem obsessed with the idea of personal ownership for everything) to the Neechie people of that region(. How bout they own it and can leave it uninhabited if they want?!?!

But because it was 'not being used to its full potential', the Americans for a few years called it the Unassigned Lands and then decided that they might as well open it up for people to come and grab all this 'free land'. Now they have f***kin monuments dedicated to these land runs. And celebrate land runs as if they are something good...when really land runs are the epitome of hypocrisy, greed and crookedness.

Land Runnin'

In Oklahoma there is a Land Run Monument going up and its going to be one of the biggest bronze monuments in the world. It is commemorating the historic land runs that took place in the late 1800s that helped to create the America that we see today....

Too bad no one told the architect or any of the people who read THIS ARTICLE about the monument heard any mention of the atrocities that had just occurred in Indian Territory. Or about how the Neechies whose land they were stealing had just endured somethng called the Trail of Tears. Or the ingenuity of the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Muscogee(Creek), Seminole and Cherokee people or the amazingness that was present in our traditional Chiefs and Nations.

Check out this excerpt and listen to how NOT respectful they are of the massacre, blood shed and heart ache that occurred in order for this beautiful land run to take place:
It has been called the greatest rush for land in the history of mankind. More than 2 million acres of unassigned land in the heart of Indian territory were opened to settlement during this first Oklahoma land run. 50,000 hopefuls surrounded the area to stake their claim for less than 12,000 homesteads!

The participants included a cross-section of ethnic and vocational types from around the nation. Families and farmers, merchants and bricklayers, widows, lawyers, cowboys and doctors: all wanted land, either for homestead acres or for a town site lot. Across the territory at high noon on April 22, 1889, blasts rang out from gun shot, cannon fire and bugle charge and the race started. By the time the red dust settled that evening, a new era had begun in Oklahoma.

In celebration of this historic run and in conjunction with the 100th Anniversary of statehood, the Oklahoma Centennial Commission has engaged renowned sculptor Paul Moore to create a dramatic reenactment of the event. Moore's sculpture commemorates the spirit and determination of those men and women who rode in Oklahoma's five land runs. This is truly a monumental project in both its massive size and tremendous undertaking. The work of art will be one of the world's largest bronze sculptures taking at least eight years to complete.
Sounds awesome eh? Except time and time again in my reading, I read how the government under sold the land for ridiculous amounts, the Neechies were all lied to and then murdered?!?! Way to go America, way to go. The case is not so different in Canada here. They were a lot less open with their racism and re-phrased a lot of it as 'help.' Except I am still horrified at how blatantly...evil these policies and monuments are...and how people are not even taking the time to question 'WHO WAS HERE ON THIS LAND BEFORE I GOT HERE?!' Ariel Luckey, where are you and the Free Land Project when we need ya!

And then I look around at the realities that we as a people face today and I get sad and angry. Angry that we were once so proud and we were once so strong. Our connection to this Earth was strong. And I long for the Sitting Bulls and I long for someone great like Tecumseh to come along and unite the peoples of Turtle Island.

We Need It So Much
I am just so horrified by what the governments in Canada and the US did to the indigenous folk here on Turtle Island. This inconsideration and idiocy goes on today. They have horrible mascots that make fun of our features, they have streets and buildings and places named after our great warriors and no one acknowledges the history. And then we have the awesome laws that make all this racism happen. Special shout out to the Indian Appropriations Act of the US. It just shows how crooked things can be and how much we need our people to get involved in things like voting and in changing these systems that oppress us, still today!

I long for it and I can't wait until we as a people can run this ish and hold our heads high when we are at home, here on Turtle Island.

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