Saturday, January 15, 2011

AYO! NewZ! GoT MoNeY, Wiisiniwin and Creative Expressions

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On Thursday January 13th 2011, awesomeness struck again in the North End of Winnipeg. At Aboriginal Visioning for the North End, AYO! held a youth proposal writing event called ‘GoT MoNeY?’ The event was intended to present a crash course on how to write proposals, a presentation on AYO! and what we have accomplished to date, as well as a collaborative effort to write our very first proposal. Of course we also ate some awesomely healthy food provided by North End Food Security Network!

Shout out to the youth who attended this event (Jamal, Shaun, Candace, Wanita and Liicious) and our hostess with the mostest Jenna (Aboriginal Visioning).

Wiisiniwin (Ojib for ‘Food’)

We wrote our first proposal for ‘Wiisiniwin’ a food security project aimed to empower youth in the North End to eat healthy and share the goodness with others. It would start with getting 5 youth leaders to take a one month crash course in Food Security and Alternative Food Systems. They would learn about food security, how to grow things locally, ‘agri’ and ‘horti’ cultures and so much more (especially planting chickens).

After that, they would take a one month crash course to learn how to adapt the info and decide how they wanna deliver it out to the other youth and the North End community. After that, we spend the next few months dishing it out.

Oh yeah, the five youth leaders, get paid cash money every time they come out to a session, and they can put ALL the individual sessions on their resume (including ARROWS, Proposal Writing and Public Speaking, WORD!)

I am submitting the proposal to MAFRA today wish us luck!!! (successfully applied on Sat Jan 15 2011, wish us luck!)

Shout out to Blaine and Kevin aka ‘BK’ aka the ‘Burger KingZ’ for suggesting the theme this week (which is on Tuesday).

Creative Expressions is no longer allowed to happen at Ndinawe Youth Resource Centre as my ‘services are no longer required’ and we are not allowed to have the program there any more. However, Aboriginal Visioning for the North End has agreed to take over hosting duties located only a block WeSt @ 586 Selkirk Avenue (Google Map it here!)

We will be playing x-BoX 360 from 5:30-7:30pm and doing some writing and drawing. Bring your books and ideas cuz we need to figure out what the next few CE Nights are gonna look like! We will also be having some ‘requested’ food… whatever that means.

Speaking of different methods of 'Creative Expression'….check out what I did with my hair :O

Thanks so much to all the youth who have been so involved in the last little while, things are going wickedly with AYO!


Northend MC

PS – I totally walked an hour in -27 today to meet up with Kevin Lameroux (MP for Wpg North) and he wasn’t even there. He says on his website that he is there every Saturday from 10am to 2pm. I was there @ 12:30pm and left there at 1:30 pm and saw no sign of him. Interesting eh?

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