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I have very recently become a bit obsessed with pencils. Why?! Well, if I actually sit and think about it for a second... Writing in pen is awesome, easier (for me), and definitely more formal... However, there is an impermanence about pencil that I have recently come to love. I love it how I can write something that I intend to accomplish down...but then, if circumstances change, I can erase it and fix it. Wouldn't it be awesome if we tried to look at things the same way a pencil looks @ a paper? where things were erasable, because we all knew, from the moment you started using that pencil, that this idea could chAnGE. And change was all good, that's why you wrote it in pencil in the first place.

Pretty awesome concept. I like pencils.

Creative Expressions has moved to C.O.T.E. (Children of the Earth)! It will run from 3:45pm-5:30pm starting February 7th. You bring yourself, we bring food. Chekk it on facebook. Creative Expressions is a weekly program where we can sit and vent healthily. We also take on a new theme each week, and try to realize how we can use different methods to express ourselves.

Finally, NECRC and youth. We had a fantastic time last night @ the Community Feast. Special shout out to the notorious Ninoondawah and his buddy for helping out @ COTE last night. Also shout out to Noondy, his friend and Avril especially for their help with the door prize. At the end of the event, the community member (like 100!!) prioritized 9 issues in the North End. Youth priorities came in as priority #1. Congrats North End Youth. But again...

We Have A Lot Of Work To Do.

I'm so thankful and proud.


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