Sunday, January 9, 2011

RIP Darryl & Good Luck Williams

Sup people

Sad News today.

A couple not so great things just happened in our hood that we should all be aware of.


The First Murder of the year happened this weekend on Dufferin Ave. It was a dispute, while folks were 'socializing' in a MB Housing high rise. My condolences to the family of Daryl John Sinclair.

Homicides like this really damage the entire community. No one deserves to lose their life in a dispute. The conditions that people live in in the North End sometimes really aren't that great. People are suffering with poverty, addictions and all sorts of crapiness relating to housing.

Thank goodness there are organizations like SEED (to help people save money), Native Addictions (just on Salter & Pritchard, they even have a youth program!) and NECRC's Housing Program and Grants!! OF course, considering that we are such a young population in the city and North End here, shout out to the youth working hard on the many aspects of AYO! (we're holding a proposal writing event this Thursday on Selkirk Ave).

When I was really young (3) we had a house fire when we lived on Peningham. The after effects of that fire left me paralyzed for a few days from the waste down thanks to shock. I was Paralyzed. I was 3.

So it really his home when I hear a crappy story like the one that happened also on Saturday in the North End, on Flora Ave. Shoot. The Williams, which is led by a single father and 10 kids are now out of a place to stay. As if housing in Winnipeg isn't already crappy enough without houses full of 11 people burn down. Good luck to you guys, too.

I hope that we as a North End community can come together and show support to the families that have been so affected by violence and more the past couple days. We are a strong community and always pull together when we need to, and take care of each other.

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