Tuesday, April 26, 2011

AYO! goes Green

Sup people, check out the following stuff comin' up for AYO! This is our first 'Green Update, focusing on healthy eating and getting involved in creating life...in a gardening way. Send an e-mail to aboriginal.youth.opportunities@gmail.com if you want to get involved or attend!

1. AYO! BBB – Belated Birthday Bash (Thunder Bird House)

§ Wednesday April 27th 2011 4:00-6:00pm

§ Come and celebrate one year of Aboriginal Youth Opportunities! We will be presenting our Ideas and sharing them with our partners and the community in our first ever Opportunity Fair.

2. Mark @ Urban Eatin’ Gardeners Co-op & North End Food Security Network

§ Weekly Opportunity

§ McDonalds sucks. Veggies are awesome. This is an opportunity to learn about growing your own veggies from someone who knows their stuff. Contact MC for more info.

3. Farm Tour Day!

§ Wednesday May 4th @ 9am (meet @ 509 Selkirk)

§ Have you ever seen a 40 foot tomato plant?! Well, come on down and hang with MC and Margo, go on a road trip and see some crazy hydroponics in Steinbach. This will be Hydroponics & More! H&M will be an ongoing summer initiative that any one interested in growing their own veggies can attend. [Hazmat suits supplied]

4. Farmer’s Market Helpers

§ Summer 2011

§ This summer we are going to be having a NEFSN Farmers Market. We would need people to man the vendors, do some baking, and make a few dollars. If you think this sounds like an opportunity you are interested in, sign up with MC.

5. Make your own Garden @ North Centennial

§ Sat. May 28th (10am-2pm) & Wed. June 8th 2011 (1-2:30pm)

§ Need a summer beach bod? Come work out those pythons!! What the heck is a butterfly garden? Come find out! There will also be a children’s garden you can help set up. We will also invite some elders to give us some cultural direction. We will have an awesome hEaLThY lunch for all the helpers.

Stay Green peeps :)


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