Thursday, April 28, 2011

#BBB (Belated Birthday Bash) = Awesomeness


We shared these accomplishments, released our Annual Report and of course had some awesome food (cake, veggies, pizza and fruit). We had about 25 people gathered (as young as 10) for our first Birthday Bash at the Circle of Life Thunderbird House. 5 Members of the Leadership Team shared their IdeaZ and encouraged attendees to join the movement. AYO exists as a youth led network, and will adapt as needed to suit the needs of the youth involved. We are committed and call upon our bothers and sisters to share their gifts. We were able to share our ideas and also receive some support from some very special and committed people. The love and support that was felt in that room tonight was so appreciated. I am so proud of what we have been able to do so far. Wordness.

The Leadership Team did a fantastic job sharing their ideas and why it as important. Ninoondawah, Riel, Rocky, Jenna and myself each shared our ideas and explained a few benefits of being involved in AYO! and engaging with our community. We shared 4 ideas that were represented in our first ever Opportunity Fair: Creative Expressions, ARROWS Youth Engagement Strategy, PolitiX and the AYO! Leadership Team. We offered various materials and info about our ideaZ and of course, the Friend of AYO! Form.


AYO! (Aboriginal Youth Opportunities!) started on March 17th 2010 with 30 people gathering and saying that they wanted to work together to make this community stronger. One year later, look what you have done. We have 7 members of a Leadership Team that have taken responsibility for various Ideas that AYO! shares. We have developed the Creative Expressions program that has already delivered 24 days of creativity support to youth in our community. We have developed training sessions to empower youth leaders and educate youth workers about the importance of relationships (180 people trained). We have even ventured into the political arena with an on-going political education initiative. Those are only some of our ideas. In addition we have a strong online presence, constant community events, representation on committees across the city and plans to increase food security awareness.

AYO Family

Thank you to Margo (North End Food Security Network) for setting up a booth for our Opportunity Fair. AYO and NEFSN are working together and sharing the exciting opportunities that are coming. They even have their own blog here. Also thank you to all the adults and community helpers that came out to support us and offer their assistance. We had many people offer and show their support and our next steps are to gather the info, process it and continue forward. Thanks so much to all the young people that offered to share their gifts and help make our community... awesomer.

Love n Respect


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