Saturday, April 9, 2011

Twittering & PolitiX

So Apparently its Election time.

And some of us know what that means, while others just ignore it, because lets face it, fake promises are annoying. In any event there are 2 things that must be mentioned in this blog post. (and also, man did I ever miss blogging in this last month, things have been SO busy!)


Holy man, not sure if any of you peeps are on twitter, but if your not, it’s the place to be to keep up with election stuff. Its also a great way to directly contact our Winnipeg North Candidates to ask them what’s up. If you try and use up #ELXN41 #WpgNorth hashtags, you can keep all the tweets from our hood together!

So it is a really effective way to engage with politicians and as an example, see how I tweeted with our current MP in #WpgNorth Kevin Lameroux on April 2nd:

MC: @Kevin_Lamoureux hey! Come n meet the youth leaders I work with. April 21st @ 4pm. Deal? #elxn41 #winnipeg

[several hours with no response]

MC: @Kevin_Lamoureux are u ignoring me?

KL: @northendmc No, not at all. I'm just going to double check scheduling with the campaign team and get back to you probably by tomorrow.

MC: @ thx for replying! I can only how hectic things have been. Did u go to McDs yestaday? Cuz I didn't see you there?

KL: @northendmc Thanks for the tips! Yes, I was there. Sorry I missed you. Btw, I'm in for your forum in #wpgnorth. Looking forward to it.

KL: @northendmc And sorry about the slow replies. Hectic last few days.

So Kevin is our incumbent (or current) MP (Member of Parliament) and so we gotta talk with him because elections are when ChAnGe can occur. But on May 2nd Mr Lamoureux is running against a slate of other candidates that are also talkin’ a good talk!! Here are our Winnipeg North peeps (and their Twitter accounts):

Liberal: Kevin Lamoureux (@kevin_lamoureux)

NDP: Rebecca Blaikie (@RBlaikieWN)

Conservative: Ann Matejicka (@matejicka)

Green: John Harvie (@JohnHarvieGreen)

Follow them and keep up with what’s shakin’ in our hood!

#2 - POLITIX (youth voice from Wpg North)

So all of this is in reference to an event coming up on April 21st called ‘AYO! presents: PolitiX’! It is the first event of the PolitiX project to come out of AYO! and will be taking place @ Thunder Bird House 715 Main Street from 4 to 6pm. We currently have Kevin Lamoureux and Rebecca Blaikie who have confirmed their attendance! It is open to all young voters (18 to 25) in Winnipeg North. All Federal election candidates will be invited of course. There will be presentation from AYO! Leadership members talking about the importance of voting, as well as a fun game with our candidates called ‘Get Real’! This is where young people get to ask OUR questions and have a voice in the future of PolitiX in our community. Oh yeah, North End Votes is prolly gonna come and help out too.

And finally, any good stuff you got to say bout the North End (on Twitter of course) and how awesome we are here, you can simply use the hashtag #NorthEndRising to keep track of all the awesomeness.



PS – NECRC Youth are gaining momentum and we are planning an event coming up in May that will launch the youth voice in the North End into centre stage. And, AYO! Leadership is dominating with the plans of our BBB (Belated Birthday Bash) on April 27th, celebrating one year of Aboriginal Youth Opportunities! Word!

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  1. yo people if you want an awesome resource for Aboriginal issues in politiX check out these 2 Links and their corresponding blogs/sites for awesomeness:



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