Monday, May 16, 2011

MC goin' Caribbean

Something crazy has happened. I have been selected to go to the Carribean as part of something called the CCELD (Canada-Caribbean Emerging Leaders Dialogue). What that means, is from the May 28th until June 12th, I am going to be off on a crazy adventure that takes me from Winnipeg, to the Opening Ceremonies in Ottawa, Ontario to St. John's, Newfoundland which will be th first half of my trip, the Canada half. Round 2, the Caribbean half, will see me go from St. John's to Roseau, Dominica and FINALLY to the beautiful locale of Barbados. Check out the Google map below:

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I will mostly be in Dominica, which seems awesome from the sound of this article: The island is a veritable garden of trees, plants and colourful flowers. Much of it is luxuriant rain forest, majestic in its spread over mountain ranges and into lush valleys. The entire terrain is adorned by gushing waterfalls; narrow, flowing rivers and hot sulphur springs. Not surprisingly, it is home to hundreds of species of birds. Private operators in Dominica have also developed a vibrant whale-watching industry, taking advantage of the country's marine life, and providing an added attraction for its visitors. The island, therefore, is an eco-tourism paradise.

This is promising to be a very exciting trip where I can go out, and internationally REPRESENT the Indigenous folks of Manitoba. I have to send out 2 special shout outs, firstly to Kevin Rebeck, President of the Manitoba Federation of Labour and of course, my awesome employer SAFE Workers of Tomorrow. These folks have made this opportunity possible and I am forever grateful.

International Relationship Building

So I know that there will be 120 people on this trip. I know we will be studying leadership, at the government, business, labour and community levels. At the end of the conference (@ the closing in Barbados) each group will present their observations and findings, along with what info/skills/notes/techniques/strategies we will be taking back to our communities. From what I can gather, this event, organized by the British Commonwealth in an attempt to strengthen relationships between these 2 common-wealth nations. An interesting concept that's for sure. I must say, I am a fan of trying to build relationships in such a way, by sharing what works well in each country and hoping that there is some benefit to be gleaned by mingling these 2 groups of 'emerging leaders' together.

So in any event, I thought it would be exciting to share with the world that I am off to Dominica. I'll keep you blog readers posted on how things go once MC hits the Caribbean.



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