Monday, June 6, 2011

18 Hours in Motion (CCELD Day 8)

(This image is a sneak peak of tomorrow's blog post...)

Today I woke up @ 3 in the morning, and had to leave to get ready to head down to the Nature Island, Dominica. I had to ship a box of Newfoundland stuff back to Peg City, because I wouldn’t have been able to pack it all in my luggage! I left Newfoundland and took with me so many valuable lessons about leadership and community. Bout how commitment to community needs to be # 1, and preservation of culture is what makes community strong. That can be through stories, traditions, songs, food and hospitality.

Red Alert

We took one flight from St. John’s to Toronto that took us about 2 hours. We were in TO for a brief period and were supposed to leave to travel to Antigua. We did end up doing that, but were held up for about 30-45 minutes due to something called a Red Alert. That’s what it’s called when there is lightning that strikes within a 5 mile radius of the airport and the planes are not allowed to fly in such conditions. Quite scary, but once we made it in the air, it was great. That was a 4 hour flight!! But it was not too shabby because I was listening to the music and albums Air Canada made available to their passengers and jammed out to lots of pop, rock, classical and folk music. The stand out artist in my mind is Jessie J, a pop artist from the UK (Momma Knows Best).

Landing in Antigua

Our flight touched down in beautiful Antigua! The first thing that struck me was the humidity! Man was it every humid there! A totally different kind of environment than the dry ass prairies! We had to fill out a customs form, and I realized that all the apples I had were not going to be permitted (or so I thought). In any event, after eating 6 apples in one day… I think I am done having Apples for a little while hahaha. So because we were delayed, we had missed our initial connection that was supposed to take us to Dominica. Thankfully, the airline held a second flight and we were able to make it on to that one! Only 30 minutes later we landed in Dominica…
Speechless (and giggly)

Our flight approached the beautiful island of Dominica. From the plane I could see the beautiful range of island mountains the thick rain forest complete with Coconut & Banana trees and stark cliffs with cascading waterfalls. It sounds like im being corny…but this is real. Not to mention the beautiful backdrop of the ble sky and deep blue ocean. It was so great that I was laughing and giggling. Every tree and hill was so exciting. We met our hosts when we got off the plane and proceeded to drive for about 2 hours to arrive at our hotel.

The journey on Nature Island

That was a little scary for me. Here they drive on the opposite side of the road as in Canada but I didn’t know that right away. Haha also the roads are super narrow and the drivers are speedy! There are so many hills and curves and different elevations but our driver drove with complete confidence. It was scary for me, but eventually I learned just to trust in his driving. It was amazing to go though the small communities, look out on the ocean and see the rain forest around me….feeing the humidity and seeing the intense vegetation. Aw man….such an amazing experience.


So we arrived in our hotel at around 11 local time, and I ate some delicious local food (including green banana pie and mixed local veggies) and proceeded to head to bed. In the morning I made a quick video so that I could share the view from my hotel room (see above). I am pumped because in our first day on Dominca, we are going to meet with the Indigenous people of the island known as the Kalinago Nation. I am pumped because the group has suggested that I get to be the one to introduce our group to the chief and say thank you when we are done.

Can’t wait to tell you what happens next....


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