Wednesday, June 8, 2011

CCELD - Quick update....

Yo people

This is a semi-update to give a taste of what happened in Dominica.

I have spent 3 days in Domica and have had some crazy experiences:
  • Visited the Kalinago Territory! (The neechie people of that land)
  • Met with the Mayor of the Capital City, Roseau
  • Got to check out an Organic Banana farm (social enterprise)
  • Met with the Parliamentary Speaker of their House, and the President (similair to Governor General)
  • Got to check out a place called Emerald Pool where I swam in a waterfall pool
  • Met with the Prime Minister of Dominica (who is the youngest PM in the world!!)
And so much more. Wow.

Here is a video of my hotel room in Dominca!

In any event, this morning I got to hang out with Princess Anne which was pretty cool!

More updates to come peeps.



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