Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dominica Days (or daZe) [CCELD Days 9, 10 & 11)

So I had an amazing time while I was studying leadership in Dominica. We were hosted by people from the Public Service Union of Dominica, and it was fantastic. The landscape was beautiful and the people were very hospitable. It was overall, a very fulfilling (and I really mean FILLING) experience. It was filling because every place we went to...they had to feed us. It was pretty cool. I went to so many places, and so will share just brief snippets about each one!

First Day: Kalinago Territory, Emerald Pool and Meeting with Mayor of Roseau

This was amazing. Dominica is called nature island beacause of its lush forests and waterfalls. We got to experience this first hand at Emerald Pool, where I actually got to swim in a frickin' waterfall! It was literally breathtaking! In the evening we got to meet with the Mayor of Roseau who has been re-elected a bunch of times and has a great perspective on leadership. He shared a quote that stood out to was about how 'if I need to step on you to get what the people need, I will'. I know its not the most collaborative ay of thinking but it does illustrate is commitment to his people and constituents, which isn't something you always see in elected officials.

Second Day: Discover/Invest Dominica, Dominica Social Security, Colgate-Palmolive, Harris Paints & The Prime Minister of Dominica's Reception

This was a jam-packed day. We began by visiting 2 agencies that work collaboratively to get people to bring business and tourism to Dominica. I was impressed with some of their strategies, and Discover Dominica can be added to Twitter HERE. The social security was awesome because they were focused on proving health care and retirement support to all citizens in a very creative and relationship centred approach. Next, we went to some manufacturing plants that makes soap and paint. It gave me a new perspective on the importance of communicating leadership and also of having a committed tam around you with the right kind of equipment to get the job done. Finally, at our fancy PM Dinner, I found out that the an we were speaking to was the youngest prime minister in the current world.

Third Day: President of the House, DomLec, Parliamentary Speaker, Bellevue Chopin Farms and Primary Health Care

Next, we checked out DomLec, the electricity company there. They showed us the world's largest freshwater lake, Trafalgar falls that generates hydro electricity and explained that they were exploring the ideas around geo-thermal energy, as there is volcanic business happening underneath some of their mountains (which I guess would technically be called volcanoes). sounds like it could be a pretty sustainable situation for energy production, but only time will tell. Next, the Speaker of the house, was an outspoken young lady who believed in upholding the constitution and was one in along line of women holding positions of power in Dominca. Good job miss Alix :) Next up was Bellevue farms, where they are growing ORGANIC bananas and the leadership is visionary. They speak Creole to honour the spirits of the plants and are strongly against using chemicals. I love the respect they have for the plants, and the souls. They acknowledge the power of language...makes me wanna learn Cree. The goal is to build a university and create full time employment, in a respectful way. Finally we checked out a presentation from the Primary Health Care field with doctors, and supervising nurses, and front line staff. It was inspiring to see the proactive and preventative measures the were taking.


Right after this experience we got to have a chill night @ the sulfur springs in the area, (thanks again to the volcanic activity...i think) prior to starting 18 hours in motion


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