Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Refreshed - EmcEEz lOg

So, I was thinking a lot about this whole blogging business…and I came to the conclusion that I am really having a blast.  Blogging has become one of my favourite things to do.  I have been really lucky that I’ve stumbled across some amazing bloggers in my learning time who continue to teach me though their example about all the things that a blog can achieve! (Shout out to @MrsWhich and @EricaGlasier)

Why do I love blogging so much?!

Well, once upon a time, I really enjoyed going to English class.  I was so lucky in my public education that I consistently had awesome English teachers.  So if you are an English teacher and taught me at one point, THANKS!  And so I love blogging for a few reasons.
  1. It helps me get my crazy thoughts out (but cuz its public I have to be clever about how and what I actually say)
  2. It gives me a reason to sharpen up my English skills, there is nothing like creative writing to get the mind juices flowing and I feel like I am more clever because of it (my jokes are more sharp witted, my vocabulary is expanding and more!)
  3. Its just fun.
I think I am going to start trying to add some exciting elements to my blog, that focus my thought and give me a little bit more of a theme to play around in.  As such, here are my intended elements that I plan to begin featuring on a regular basis (probably weekly if I can discipline myself):
    • Under the Influence: I wanna have a chance to geek out when I talk about music and other random things! I love examining the relationships that 2 people, 2 events or 2 artistic creations appear to be (or are deliberately) influenced by another. MC nerdness here I come!
    • Arlington Adventures: I wanna be able to share stories about random North End happenings…it just seems like lots of them happen on Arlington
    • Safety Stories: I wanna comment on safety stuff, in relation to safety of the mind, body, emotions and spirit.  Also, I work for SAFE Workers of Tomorrow, and they got me trained to look at the world in a more…safe way :P
 Ok. I am done.  See, I gave myself a bit of room to dream and have created this monster of framework I wanna work within.  If you wanna learn how to be eXprEsSivE just like this (AND MORE) come check out Creative Expressions as we hit Ralph Brown Community Centre, starting Monday July 4th 2011 from 6-8pm as explore ‘THE NET’ (using the internet for creative self expression!).

Peace out people!


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