Friday, June 3, 2011

Screech My Lovie (CCELD Day 7)


So today was our last day in N&L. It is very sad because I have become quite attached to our guides. They are amazing people that have really shown me a lot. They live and breathe community pride and it shows in how excellently organized this tour was. To our organizers and hosts, Ekosi for the hospitality.

We got to start our day with presentations from some Labour folks with the Newfoundland & Labrador Federation of Labour where they explained the Labour movement in Canada, ad some successes and challenges. Very very informative. We also got to hear from an amazing community group that is doing work with people with disabilities, called Avalon Employment Inc. . We learned that it began with $4000 and a dynamic leader. I am inspired by their story and hope to work with them in th future, so that 18 years from now, AYO can have a story of perseverance, accountability and transparency. Good job AEI for proving that we all have ABILITY.

Fare Thee Well

And with that, we finished our experience in Newfoundland at an exceptional place called O'Briens where we got to go on a boat tour! We saw many many birds at Gull Island, the Puffin is indeed an interesting little creature. I did get some beautiful pics though. The videos are not so great, but I may post them a little later. But it was such a great experience here and I am a little bit nervous for the next part of our tour because the standard has been set so high here.

Ekosi Newfoundland & Labrador, I will tell those that I encounter of the beauty, innovation and commitment to people and family that is consistent in every aspect of leadership we were exposed to.

Way to be Excellent.


PS - We even got made honourary Newfounlanders and have the documentation to prove it.

PPS - Now, I am gonna try to sleep a little, I have about 3 hours until I have to leave my hotel to catch a plane to Dominica. Caribbean here MC comes :P

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