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Under the Influence: The Chirelles & Wab Kinew

 Under the Influence: 
The Chirelles & Wab Kinew (June 26/11)

Under the Influence: I wanna have a chance to geek out when I talk about music and other random things! I love examining the relationships that 2 people, 2 events or 2 artistic creations appear to be (or are deliberately) influenced by another. MC nerdness here I come!

The Chirelles (Mama Said - 1961)

The Chirelles are a girl group from the early 1960s and were best known for their song ‘Will You Love Me Tomorrow’.  As you can see from this video, these ladies had a lot of soul, and an awesome early rock and roll/R&B sound.  They were the very first girl group to ever have a #1 hit n the Billboard Hot 100 (that was in 1960,CHECK THE VID HERE).  They were so early in their rise to awesomeness that they preceded Motown Records in their crossover appeal to white audience at a time when racially charged attitudes were still prevalent in the US.  They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996, chyea!! Anyway, they were so awesome they caught the attention of a Native Hip Hop Artist who does some pretty awesome stuff in my hood…

Wab Kinew (Mama Said - 2011)

Wab Kinew is a neechie MC who is an awesome example to other young neechie men  He works for CBC and does the hip hop thang as well. His song ‘Mama Said’ samples the above Chirelles tune and I think its really cool.  The lyrics are nice and positive, emphasizing the importance of empathy and the overall feel of the original song creates a mood and is followed by a catchy Wab-led chorus that references moccasins which is so cool.  The song debuted on the StreetZ 104.7 Chart in January 2011 and was in the upper regions of the countdown until March.  Wab continues his success with Good Boy a song about the late Matthew Dumas  that features many of the young people I used to work with personally iscurrently #8 on the Streetz Chart (dates June 14th 2011).

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