Friday, June 3, 2011

Woa (CCELD Day 6)

So Day 6 was rather exciting. It marked the 3rd day In N&L which was pretty damn exciting for me. I am still overcome with the beauty of this place. We had some amazing opportunities to learn about some innovative leadership (again!) from the folks on The Rock.

Memorial University
We got to check out Newfoundland & Labrador's University. It was so enriching because we talked with the people that run their Distance Education, Learning and Teaching Support unit. It was excellent. I saw how that if a great leader, surrounds themselves with a quality team, and you give a shit about their professional development, the amazing things that can happen. This team was not only skilled as individuals in a multitude of areas, but they are also first and foremost, committed to the community. If you can get that kind of dedication from the beginning, the skills that people share will benefit not only the team, but the populations you are trying to affect as well. These folks are inspiring. They have one example that they id with the Indigenous folks of Conne River, that involved some awesome avatar technology and a cultural retelling of a Rite of Passage Story of a boy in a Labrador community called Conne River.

In 2008, Memorial University’s Distance Education, Learning and Teaching Support (DELTS) partnered with the Miawpukek First Nation of Conne River, Newfoundland and Labrador to develop an innovative project aimed at preserving and sharing the history and culture of the Miawpukek people of Conne River.

Marine Institute
This place was so amazing! We even got to check out a Boat simulator, state of the art! In the demonstration, the boat was rocking, and we even hit an iceberg (no participants were hurt in the demonstration)! It was a great opportunity to learn as they shared their visioning process that was pretty unique and I would like to take some lessons and see if they can work in my visioning stuff I'm working on for youth.

Government House
We got to meet the LT of Newfoundand & Labrador and hang out with John Crosbie and his wife at his house! It was excellent because he shared many inspiring quotes with us and shared his long experience as a politician. He had quite a reputation for being outspoken, and I love it. The highlight for me, was while we were having a bit of a reception there, eating fancy little food things and such, I got to take Joan (his wife) around and explain to her some of the Indigenous spirituality that is present in some of the art that they had on display in their home. Specifically I got to explain how the Bear represents the teaching of COURAGE, and the Eagle represents the Teaching of LOVE.

This oil company is responsible for natural resource extraction among other things, all within the Energy production world. They are a Canadian company that is doing a lot of exploration in the Tar Sands among other exploration and natural resource extraction projects. I am pretty morally opposed to all of this...but it is a learning opportunity right...and so I tried to approach it as such and I think something really great came out of it. I suggested that they work with community and labour groups to help lobby to create a young worker initiative modeled after SAFE Workers of Tomorrow to engage young people in discussions of occupational health and safety at a young age, to improve the likelihood of all Newfoundlanders & Labradorians being safer, not only at work but in life. It felt like a really great meeting and I would love to work with these folks in sharing what I know, and /i know the rest of the SWOT Team would agree.

So all in all...a very intense day, but I got to do some really meaningful things, and I go to bed...happy :)


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