Monday, July 25, 2011

Brain Explosion

Hey there World

Last week, I was on vacation, which means I didn't go into my day job (only on Monday). But it was a fantastic opportunity to gather my thoughts and take a bit of a break from my constantly 'plugged in' state as a social media addict. Alas, that week is over and I am found sitting here on a Monday lunch hour with about 100 things zipping around in my head...

Weekly Panel on StreetZ
So once a week on Mondays, I have bee asked to participate in a weekly panel talking about youth issues on Urban Nation LIVE, the 1 hour talk show on Streetz 104.7fm! Last week, we talked about the media and image/self esteem among young people, as well as second hand smoke and its effects on kids.  It was awesome! This week, myself and Vanessa Kozak talked about the Conservatives and their Tough on Crime Legislation.  We talked specificaly about how this would have a negaive effect on young people, a negative effect on young people, and about the dangers of having laws create division amongst our nation, between 'us' (???) and 'them' (young offenders). Its pretty ridiculous from my perspective, and that's what we talked about today!!

Last week I went camping with the Champagne's which was awesomeness.  I got to experience some fishing and some wilderness adventures, which is a lil different than my city adventures lol. It was a great experience but a reminder to me that I am such a city boy! The highlights were getting a chance to get closer to my nephews and nieces...who are amazing young people that really are going to change this shitty world! awesomeness :)

Amy Winehouse 
OMG Amy Winehouse has passed away...I'm so sad because I believe she was an amazing artist.  I know there are cynics out there, but regardless of anything, it is never a good thing when someone loses their lives because of addictions...I'm reminded of the case of Michael Jackson where the world criticized from afar, and allowed that celebrity to fester and fall farther into their own shit, instead of appreciating the human being as an individual, instead of valuing their fame or their larger than life personas.

Creative Expressions
See you folks @ 6 @ Rlph Brown Community Centre today to talk about journals and future CE Plans!!! AYO!

The Healing Still Continues
This pat week, myself and some members of AYO! Leadership were able to formalize a little bit the Healing and Justice wing of AYO!  We were able to create a bit of a group that focusses specifically on healing, justice and cultural education of our young people.  This group will host our cultural events, is planning a youth focused inter-generational awareness conference and a Men's support network for our brothers (Brothers in Spirit??)

The provincial election is coming soon...keep an eye on eMCeeZ LoG, AYO Facebook  and Twitter for more info on PolitiX and our future events!

There is my brain explosion, maybe I can get more organized tomorrow!!!

Love & Respect


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