Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chief Harper...ugh

So Stephen Harper was made an honourary Chief of the Blood Tribe in Alberta earlier this week. Yup, I said it, STEPHEN HARPER, our PM, has been made a  honourary chief. Check out this excerpt that explains what an honourary chief is supposed to do:
The honorary Chieftainship was requested by Blood Tribe Chief Charles Weasel Head in response to the heartfelt apology in 2008 by the Prime Minister to former students of Indian Residential Schools.  Honorary Chiefs are expected to help promote the cultural pride of the Blackfoot and Kainai and all First Nations. They are expected to maintain the headdress with the highest respect and be an available resource to First Nations.
This is absolutely ridiculous because just North of the Bloods, are the Lubicon Cree.  These people have been in a battle with the Canadian Government and Canadian Industry for almost 20 years!  There are currently 2 oil wells in existence per Lubicon person, and people are getting sick. Since 1992, the United Nations has been urging the government of Canada to enter into negotiations with the Lubicon people with the intention of addressing the inequities that are present within that Nation. Check out this video below to ear first hand from a Lubicon Cree woman what the effects have been of these horrible developments and how the Canadian Government, the very same Government that Stephen Harper represents, continues to turn a blind eye to the devastation that is going on in many First Nations communities!

Now correct me if I am wrong, but this does not sound like someone who is promoting the Culture of any First Nation group,. He is not an advocate or ally to First Nation groups and that token apology (in which the Speaker atually exited his chair, diminishing the parliamentary impact - thanks for that bit of Info Mr Elijah Harper) does not un-do all of the years of neglect. Since him coming into power in 06, he has (like every other PM) ignored the cries of the Canadian Indigenous community, specifically, the Lubicon Cree Nation.

I am personally not in agreement with the Bloods on this one. To me, Harper has a long way to go before such an honour can be bestowed upon him, and that token ass apology didn't soften my heart one bit.

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