Monday, July 4, 2011

Creative Expressions @ Ralph Brown

Once a week in Winnipeg's North End, young people get WRITE!

Beginning on July 4th 2011, AYO! (Aboriginal Youth Opportunities) will begin to offer 'Creative Expressions' a FREE Creative Writing program, open to All North End youth (11-17). We will be at Ralph Brown Community Center (460 Andrews Street) every Monday night for the entire summer from 6-8pm and will be exploring various ways of expressing ourselves.  It is guided by members of AYO! and will always have an adult on site to help supervise all activities. Topics that have been explored in the past include: 'the internet', 'x-box' 'graffiti' and more! Of course every week, we bring some healthy snacks for people to eat so that their bodies get nourished as well as their minds! We generally bring in other young people that are experience in one particular form of self expression, and they share why and how it has been beneficial for them, before we try it!

Creative Expressions has been operating since Spring 2010 and has been offered in more than 5 locations in the North End community.  This deliberate variance of our location allows us to share these opportunities with a wider range of exposure.  We have operated previously at North End Arts Centre (Ndinawe) and more recently at Children of the Earth High School.

Right now, CE is working on a project that intends to re-vamp and re-design the banners on Selkirk Avenue. We have established some partnerships and are excited to work on this banner project more at our next Creative Expressions on Monday July 11/11 were we will be exploring photography and applying those photos to our Banner project.


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