Friday, July 8, 2011

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So blogs are cool for being able to put together a bunch of thoughts around causes or issues.  I had a retrospective moment today where I thought about which issues were so important to me that I had to blog bout them. The reason I had this retrospective moment, is because I was thinking it might be helpful to start contributing to other start getting the voice out there.  In the last few months, the following issues have captured my attention:

The importance of youth Voice
This particular issue has been covered in almost every single blog post I have done.  More recently, I've shared info about AYO's Creative Expressions Program, a creative writing opportunity for inner city youth, as well as written an open letter to North End youth, telling them to BRING IT, and share their gifts.  Lastly, AYO finally has a link on facebook:

Elder Abuse

Youth Suicide

Political awareness in young people

Violence in the Inner City

Lack of recognition for youth contributions to community renewal

This was intended to share with you folks how a blog can be used to help relay your opinion on cerntain issues.  Its kind of telling for me, to see that those were the issues that I really took to heart and needed to comment on the internet about it. Its good for self evaluation...

And so...where's your blog?

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  1. I salute you for writing an epic blog about elderly abuse. This is one of the most common criminal acts. It has been happening for decades and centuries. We should all put a stop to this.

    elder abuse California


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