Sunday, August 28, 2011

AYO does CBC (Up To Speed with Larry Updike)

This past Friday, Aboriginal Youth Opportunities got to hit CBC Manitoba’s RadioOne (Winnipeg 89.3FM) on Up To Speed with Larry Updike.

The AYO Anti-Gang on CBC Manitoba
It was a pioneering sort of event for CBC, as Larry Updike stated several times that this was the FIRST TIME EVER CBC was trying to marry social media with their radio show!  We would like to say thanks to Kim Ziervogel for hooking us up with this opportunity and allowing us to work with the CBCTwitter (5,000 followers) account, and the CBC Facebook page(3,000 likes).  It allowed us to connect with literally thousands of people and interact with Manitobans via social media AND radio.  This was such a great opportunity for us as an anti-gang to get our positive message out there to a lot of people, answer questions and change perceptions. If you wanna see what we said, you can still check CBC Manitoba's FB page here!


We were able to have this opportunity because there was someone who had worked hard for 17 years to lay a foundation to make this possible.  We are going to change things AYO, we are going to make a difference in our communities, not only in Winnipeg, but all across Turtle Island.  We have a lot of work to do, but we have a lot of successes to build upon.  We have a lot of systems that are starting to be receptive (or are at least pretending to be). Many people sent in questions, ad we were able to explain what our concept of an anti-gang was (people banding together for support to DO GOOD).  We were able to represent ourselves and this will turn into more opportunities within CBC and other forms of media! Opportunities in the media to change people's perspective by sharing our example....beautiful.


It seems like we know now what we need to do.  We need to work within the various systems, including community, including government, including business and including labour. Once we as Aboriginal people are able to obtain leadership roles within these systems, we can start making a sustainable change that can last beyond our own life spans and be there for the next generation to build upon. The only way is to get involved in the INSTITUTIONS that oppress us: justice, healthcare, child welfare, and more.  If we can teach our young people leadership, then I believe there is hope for the future of our nation, and the future of Mother Earth.

Love, Respect and Courage my friends

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