Monday, August 1, 2011

AYO! MovementZ

Movement (moov – m uh nt) noun: 1.) a a group of people with a common ideology b the organized action and campaigning of such a group: a successful movement to abolish child exploitation.
AYO is an anti-gang.  That means we are a group of young people banding together for support towards making positive choices and accessing meaningful opportunities.  By our very existing, we satisfy the first part of the above mentioned definition of a movement, as a group of people standing behind the same ideology.

Since our inception in March 2010, we have attempted to mobilize our various networks and communities for collective action towards a common goal.  Recently, we have begun to infiltrate the internet with our positive message, in an attempt at sharing more opportunities with more young people!
Hashtags (on twitter)

Part of what we have done is began using Twitter Hashtags to group our thoughts together on Twitter.  Each of these hashtags represent a different type of project or goal, and the use of such a hashtag allows us to keep all the tweets that use such a tag together.  This is useful in case we ask a question or are hosting a conversation, where people can simply use a hashtag to include their tweet in the discussion.



This just for fun movement allows us to Tweet lines of inspiration and hope to the twitter world.  

Please feel free to participate in your own twitter feed by using any of these hashtags, and keep your eyes posted for further action items coming from @AYOantigang and members of the Leadership Team!

Love & Respect


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