Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Get Informed - Wednesday!!

Hey folks!

If you are a youth (12-30) and you live in Point Douglas, AYO wants YOU to know what's happening in the next election(happening October 4th/11).

We are having several events to inform and empower young people in this election and want young people to come and check it out. Tomorrow (Wednesday) night AYO's PolitiX hits Ralph Brown Community Centre @ 460 Andrews Street! GET INFORMED invites young North Enders to research and educate themselves on voting, why its important and what kind of Qs can be asked at upcoming events.

GET INFORMED! (http://bit.ly/olP8Q4)
-Wed Aug 31st @ Ralph Brown Community Centre (460 Andrews St., Winnipeg, MB)
-Youth Info Session
- Youth are invited to come to Ralph Brown and brainstorm some questions and do some research in preparation for Get Real (this Saturday). We will check out party/candidate websites, share personal experiences and share 'How to ask a Question!'

GET REAL! (http://bit.ly/olP8Q4)
-Sat Sept 3rd @ Turtle Island Neighbourhood Centre (510 King St., Winnipeg, MB)
- YOUTH candidates forum!!
- We have invited those running for Point Douglas in the upcoming provincial election to face young North Enders and ask questions pertaining to the issued important to young people. Enjoy our 'Get Real' forum with YES/NO answers from candidates!
-Kevin Chief (NDP) has confirmed!
-Mary Lou Bourgeois (Liberal) is confirmed!
-Teresa Pun (Green) is interested!
-John Vernaus (Conservative) has not replied yet!


Q: Who can come?!
A: Any Youth, or youth helper who lives/works in Point Douglas, 12-30!

Q: Why are we inviting 12-18 year olds, they can't even vote?!
A: True, the young ones can't vote but they will some day. If these younger ones get informed and involved now, they will be informed voting power houses when they do get old enough to vote!

Q: Will there be food?
A: yeah, we'll order some Pizza

Q: Where and When?
A: see above lol

If you have any more questions on the event you can email the AYO Leadership Team at: aboriginal.youth.opportunities@gmail.com

We are all so pumped about these events!

Michael  Champagne
"Let us put our minds together to see what life we can make for our children" - Sitting Bull

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