Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Get Real Point Douglas

Once upon a time, beginning in October 2010, Aboriginal youth in Winnipeg’s North End began to GET INVOLVED in Politics.
In the Beginning…
[OCTOBER 2010] It all began with the Civic election in which Judy WL super charged members of the AYO Leadership Team with her energy and commitment to our community.  In the end, Ross Eadie, Mike Pagtakhan and Sam Katz were elected to rep our hood on the city-level.
And then came the Federal By-Election
[NOVEMEBR 2010] Just a few short weeks later, Canada held a by-election in several different ridings, including one in Winnipeg North.  This election was exciting because one of the candidates was a young (ish) Aboriginal fellow by the name of Kevin Chief.  He was running to rep our hood in Ottawa.  In the end, Kevin Lameroux was elected to rep that riding.
AND THEN came the 41st Federal Election
[MAY 2011] This is the one where everyone in the country had to choose their rep, and whichever team had the most colours at the end, got to have their captain as Prime Minister for Canada. This is where our ‘Get Real’ forum was born and where PolitiX began. Kevin Lameroux and Stephen Harper came on top for that one. And now…

 [OCTOBER 2011] Coming up, on October 4th, we have a duty to Louis Riel and all of the fighters that came before us, to VOTE in this upcoming provincial election.

As such, AYO is hosting 2 community events to share information with the youth in the North End, so they can get involved, get informed and get voting!

Get informed
Wednesday August 31st 2011, 6-8 pm @ Ralph Brown Community Centre
This is an event inteneded to provide youth with information about the upcoming election, who the candidates are, how they can register to vote, and also hear from some young people about their experiences with AYO, PolitiX and the whole political environment!  This is where YOUth can craft their Yes/No questions that will be asked at…

Get Real
Saturday September 3rd 2011, 3-5pm @ Turtle Island Community Centre
This is a political forum where candidates must face the Youth they are trying to represent.  Each of the candidates will introduce themselves and say no more than 5 words of introduction.  Then, we will move to the forum portion where students can ask their yes or no questions to the candidates. The candidates CANNOT SPEAK to answer the question, and must instead, concurrently hold up their YES/NO response to that youth’s question. At the end, each candidate will be given 10 minutes to explain their answers before the event comes to a conclusion.

If you are interested in participating in any of these events, please contact Rocky King on Facebook, or any member of the AYO Leadership Team (

Love & Respect (and PolitiX)


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