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Good Food Box

So last week on Thursday, I paid $20 and got a Good Food Box

->NEXT GFB hits the North End on August 16th (every 2nd Tuesday) ORDER YOURS TODAY! <-

The Good Food Box is a community based program designed to encourage healthier eating through the promotion of fresh fruits and vegetables (Shout out to NECRC for organizing and Indian Family Centre for being one of the pick up points)! It is a bulk-buying program that aims to lower your grocery bill by buying bulk, fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms and distributors. Each box may contain any variety of high quality, fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables. Stock depends on which are in season or available at the best value. 

In any event, this has now hit the North End thanks to the hard work of Margo and her dedicated and committed team over at the North End Food Security Network.  It may be helpful to take a look at what that word actually means:
“Food Security” is defined locally and globally as meaning that:
  • Everyone has sustainable access to food in a way that promotes heath, respect and dignity
  • People are able to earn a living wage by growing, producing, processing, retailing and serving food
  • The quality of water, air and land is maintained and improved for future generations
  • Food is recognized as central to community and cultural integrity
As you can see, when we take a look at this definition, we cna see that our inner city North End community (and any remote/isolated reserve for that matter) is gonna be considered Food INsecure. These communities are going to have challenges accessing healthy and affordable options for food based on geography and the systemic issues that are present.  

My Good Food Box

So as you can see from the pic above, for only $20 I received some amazing things.  Here is a summary of what I got (you can also order a smaller box for $12):
  • black berries
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Cabbage
  • Lettuce
  • Grapes & Cherries
  • Apples and apricots
  • bananas
  • potatoes
  • mushrooms
  • fresh ground flour
  • green onions and carrots
So. As you can see that is quite the list.  And for a family on a low income, this is gonna be an awesome opportunity to feed your family healthy stuff for cheap.  All the food is locally grown and is offered thanks to the contributions of local farmers and stores. I have been eating so good lately and can't wait until the next time we can order one!

Thanks again to Margo and her team for all their hard work. You can order your own Good Food Box from Michele @ The Indian Family Centre 586-8393.

Love & Respect


So, in an effort to inform you blog readers more about NEFSN and the Good Food Box, 
I e-mailed  the coordinator of all this goodness herself. More info from Margo below:
Any North end resident can recieve a Good Food Box. 
You can receive a GFB by phoning any of the following: 
Michele @ Indian Family Centre (470 Selkirk) 586-8393 
Jackie @ North End Women's Centre (394 Selkirk Avenue) 589-7347
Linda @ North Point Douglas Women's Centre (221 Austin Street N.)947-0321  
Margo @ North End Food Security Network (509 Selkirk Avenue)927-2342
Each of these centres are pick-up points for the boxes. 
Mount Carmel is also a pick-up point but the person is on holidays right now so I am not including this location. 
We are expecting one or two schools to be pick up points once we get to mid-September. 
The boxes are delivered to these centres every other Tuesday, unless there is a long-weekend, 
and then the delivery day is Wednesday. 
The next GFB day is August 16th.  
 Each box contains seasonal fresh fruits, vegetables, and either pulses, or grains. 
We include a newsletter in every box that has recipes to try with the GFB ingredients. 
We also include spices or herbs needed for the recipes so that folks have all they need to have 
culinary success! 
On August 15th, we are hoping two volunteers will come forward to help pick vegetables at
the fantabulous Floodway gardens U-pick. 
In return they will be able to take home a free $12 GFB.
contact Margo (927-2342) or MC for more info! 

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