Monday, August 1, 2011

Joining Twitter (Part 1 of 2)

So you probably have heard a lot of people talking about Twitter.  Twitter is a social network (like Facebook) that people can use to connect with other people.  At a quick glance, it may look like it has many similair features as Facebook, and for that reason, you may think ‘If I have a facebook, I don’t need a Twitter, right?” WRONG!

Follow Me!

I am a fan of Facebook, I think it is a great way to connect with people and share information with people that you know.  Key words: people that you knowIf you have thoughts on your mind, concepts you want to share, or aspirations of a life in the public eye, then you might wanna start thinking about joining Twitter. (YOU SHOULD REALLY WATCH THIS VIDEO ITS SHORT AND SIMPLE!!)

Twitter Features

The following points will summarize a few of the features that are part of Twitter.  I also include a few helpful hints that I have noticed as well as examples that are current as of right now or from my own personal Tweet collection!
  • Signing Up: Signing up is easy and free! You simply go to and fill out the info with your email, password and your ‘twitterhandle’ (or username).  It all has to be one word, and can be a mix of letters and numbers if you wish.  Pick something awesome that represents you! You can also include _ in it, but no other symbols.  It will always begin with the “@”.
    • EX1 - @northendmc
    • EX2 - @UnitedWayWpg
    • EX3 - @johnathon204
  • Tweets: this is the main point of Twitter, where you can share one blurb about what’s happening, in 140 characters or less.  It’s actually easier AND harder to work this way because you have to learn how to say things in only a few words! This is similair to ‘status updates’ on Facebook
  • RT (re-tweets): If you wanna show love/support (or like) something on Twitter, you RT it. RT means you send that persons ‘tweet’ into your own timeline.  (your timeline is the summary of tweets that you see on your home page.)
    • One of the first people you should find on Twitter is @Winnipeg_rt.  When you say “#winnipeg” in any tweet, your message will be RT’d to all of the people that are connected to this user! Cool eh?!
  • # (hashtags): This is how Twitter organizes searches for specific words or phrases.  They can be used at the end of a Tweet, in the middle-during a sentence, or can be created to start a movement (be creative!!)
    • EX1 – I am so #excited to join Twitter!
    • EX2 – This is going to be so awesome! #excited #twitter
    • EX3 – I love the Aboriginal Youth Leaders in the North End of #Winnipeg! #AYO #NorthEndRising
  • Following: When you ‘follow’ someone, or they follow you, your tweets show up in each others’ timelines. That’s how you can stay updated or connected.  You can have access to the tweets of the people that you are following, and the more followers you get, the more people have access to your messages!
    • This can be especially helpful if you are sharing links to your own blog or other awesome websites you want people to see!

Remember folks, Twitter is one type of social media and can be helpful in you getting your message out.  It usually isn’t that helpful to JUST use one type of social media…as in JUST facebook.  I would like to recommend to all of you to get a blog.  I know that for me I really enjoy being able to have a space online where I am in total control.  On my blog (as you can see if you are reading this) I have links to other websites, my own pages (YouTube, Twitter) and a couple other random things.  Seriously, you can make your blog be your own space.  

So anyway, if you have read this, I hope you have joined twitter, I can’t wait to see you tweeps over there!


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