Thursday, August 25, 2011

Manitoba Leaders - Debate #1 (MB Teachers Society)

Dear Manitoba

So here we are, at the front end of another election (again!).  I don’t know about you folks, but it seems like there have been about a hundred elections in the last couple years…but this should be the last one for a while anyway.


So the first debate happened yesterday, put on by the Manitoba Teachers Society, and hosted by CJOB68 and Richard Cloutier.  I was fortunate enough to receive an opportunity to attend from Mr. Floyd Wiebe (Gang Awareness for Parents) who is always advocating and providing opportunities to young people.  I know that I speak for myself and Jenna Liicious when I say that we are forever indebted to Floyd, and the other members of the AYO Family for all of their support in providing AYO Leaders with many opportunities to be heard and REPRESENT!

@ the Radisson

So it was a nice event in the morning, at the Radisson where the 3 party leaders (Greg Selinger – NDP, Hugh McFayden – Progressive Conservatives and Dr. Jon Gerard – Liberal) debated about education.  There were questions about pensions, and curriculum, but the one that got me really pumped was the one that was asked by the awesome Jenna Liicious! She asked the people that are gonna be premier of our province: what are you gonna do to support people that are living in poverty so that they can succeed and graduate from high school? (Video Below)

As you can hear, the political folks did not do that great of a job answering that question.  Hugh, sounded sincere when he responded…but did not answer the question.  Greg sounded super sincere, and I was quite impressed that the first thing he said was schools need to be SAFE and WELCOMING.  I appreciate that.  Finally, Mr Gerard quoted CCPA – MB in referencing the low drop out rates in the inner city and said the government MUST deploy its resources effectively to address this challenge.

Setting the Bar for This Election

So, its nice because  AYO is planning to have a candidates forum for Point Douglas on Saturday September 3rd, and this was a great chance for us to get involved at the beginning.  Another thing, is that our involvement there is sending a message: ABORIGINAL YOUTH ARE NOT APATHETIC.  We are setting a standard for this election that says, Aboriginal youth care about or province, the people in it, and will get as informed and educated as we need to, to be able to work effectively with the people that are trying to represent us.  I can hardly wait to see what this election brings because I feel like the YOUTH OF MANITOBA are listening now…and are ready to move forward. 

Support from politicians will make our challenge easier, but we will not stop, regardless of the outcome of this election. Not until we bring unity back to our whole community.

Love & Respect


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