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Pathways - Educating Our Hood

Are you going into Grade 9 or 10? Do you live in the North End (boundaries above)? Do you wanna get a bunch of stuff that will help you go to school?

If you answered YES to these questions, you best be looking into CEDA Pathways to Education Program!  They are currently looking to provide tons of services to North End Youth, hook you up with a bunch of mentoring/tutoring opportunities and also a student support worker who will work with you and your family to make sure you have all the things you need to be successful in school!

The Background
Once upon a time, many moons ago, I got to sit on a steering committee that said we needed to provide more opportunities/supports to the young people in the North End to ensure they graduate from high school.  It is no secret to anyone who lives here that high school is not always the #1 priority living in the poverty that many of us have to deal with in the North End. I am and always have been a firm believer that the Youth in our community will change the world when provided with the right supports...I believe this program provides MANY of those very supports.

The Path(ways)

So, how do YOUth get there? ANY STUDENT IN THE ABOVE AREA CAN JOIN PATHWAYS FOR FREE!!!! This was so exciting I needed to do some more digging. I had an opportunity to speak with Miss Rebecca Blaikie (one of the bosses @ CEDA) and she explained to me that they still have spots open for grade 9s and 10s for this coming September.  In a Facebook message, Rebecca shared some very important info with me, that I'd like to pass on, in the form of ARROWS....

I love the way these folks work...and to explain it in a way that I understand, I'd like to reference AYO's ARROWS Youth Engagement Strategy!

You can reach CEDA by stopping by the CEDA Pathways to Education Program Office @ 470 Stella Ave. Any youth in grades 9 or 10 who live in within the boundary, it doesn't matter what High School you attend. The boundaries are: Sutherland to the South, McGregor to the West, Redwood to the North and the River to the East.

CEDA hosts the Pathways to Education program in Winnipeg, with partnerships from the Province of Manitoba, the Winnipeg School Division, the Pathway to Education Canada, the University of Winnipeg and the City of Winnipeg. Pathways to Education-Winnipeg program focuses on lowering high school drop outs rates, increasing access to post-secondary education and closing the “opportunity gap”.

There are 4 pillars to the Pathways program which collectively provide a holistic approach that supports students to complete their education, make the transition into a successful career. The CEDA –Pathway to Education-Winnipeg program incorporates Pathways to Education Canada, four pillars of support into a Medicine Wheel model. (more information about success rates of this program here)

CEDA- Pathways to Education program provides many RESOURCES to its students, chekk it:
•Financial Support - Monthly financial incentives (free bus pass, school supplies) and, up to $4,000 scholarship towards tuition upon graduation
•Academic Support - Tutoring in all subject areas, learning opportunities, learning resources, computer access
•Advocacy Support - Group mentoring activities, great nutritional food, culture learning
•Social Support - School supports, volunteering, job search. Pathways to Education program will be taking new students in fall of 2011. In order to qualify, the students need to live in area of this Map and be in grade 9/10.

CEDA Pathways to Education was pleased to welcome 118 students to the program and many volunteers from the U of W this fall. In addition, each of these students is paired with a Student Parent Support Worker who really gives a shit about that student and their successful graduation from high school! Meet them by clicking here! They will follow that Grade 9er all the way to their high school graduation, whether it takes less than 4 years, or more than 4 years.  

There are so many chances to develop your skills in this program, and once you make it past grade 10, you can start mentoring the other students in the program.  Also, its an opportunity to learn about culture, since they use a Medicine Wheel model, but it is available to ANY student, regardless if they are white brown or purple as long as they live in the boundaries. The best opportunity in my opinion, is the fact that every year you complete the program, you get SCHOLARSHIPS FOR UNIVERSITY! Chyea!

The thing that's awesome about this program is they really care about the students and the environment.  They get the whole picture, and in their Student Centre there are couches and computers and friendly faces and FOOD! For more information about registration please call our Student Parent Support Workers at 582-5800 or drop by our office at 470 stella Avenue Avenue.

This entire program is designed to support YOUth.  If you have any recommendations you can bring them to Rebecca, Darlene (the Coordinator) or to any of the staff that work with Pathways.You can also contact MC directly to get more info on facebook!!

Education is the Key out of Poverty people! GO BACK TO SCHOOL!


PS - for those of you who know me, you know that a couple years ago, I left University because I was frustrated and discouraged.  This seems like the right time to tell you folks that this September I am going to start going back to University, with the U of W Urban and Inner City Studies program on Selkirk Ave...tryna lead by example. (If I can do it, YOUth can do it too!! #RealTalk)

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