Saturday, August 6, 2011

PolitiX - MB11: Point Douglas Update

Dear Point Douglas!

If you live in the boundaries that are pictured above, welcome to Point Douglas! If you remember, in our area in the most recent federal election, the winner was decided by a mere 44 votes.  44!!! I am willing to bet that if you are reading this, you knew at least 44 people who would have voted in this last election and didn't.  We have been getter and better in Winnipeg North, thanks to initiatives like North End Votes and AYO's previous PolitiX initiatives, young people and the community as a whole are starting to get involved with the systems that affect us.

Apathetic No More

So, in the last election, it was called Winnipeg North, because it was federal.  This upcoming provincial election has different boundaries.  I have been doing some digging and have figured out how we can access basic info for the peeps running from 3 of the major parties in PD.

This is the NDP candidate, he ran in the 2010 by-election in Winnipeg North reppin NDP federally.  That was a great campaign that shared some inspirational videos about Winnipeg North, something I believe more of these politicians should do (view Kevin's awesome Video here).  I have worked with Kevin before, and him and I have both been recipients of the Future Leaders of Manitoba Award - Community Service. 

I'm not particularly familiar with this lady, and she doesn't seem to have a website up yet, but she does have a facebook page with 50 likes and a little mini bio on the Liberal MB website.  She seems like she has a great record according to her website of child and youth advocacy which is awesome.

I do declare, this is the guy who owns a car dealership in the North End here.  Cool to see a local business person running.  I am also not very familiar with him, but he does have a website up!

So there is a quick update! We are going to be tweeting these peeps and finding out more info soon!  AYO may also be organizing a Get Real event to happen in the St John's community as well.  Official Elections info is here.  And remember, on October 4th 2011...VOTE!

Love & Respect


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