Sunday, August 28, 2011

Youth & Winnipeg Police: Building Relationships??

Yo Winnipeg!

Did you know, you can receive updates to your e-mail accounts from the Winnipeg police to update you on crime and what not in our hood?!?!  I have been subscribing to these updates for close to 2 years and do enjoy getting them.  It helps me stay abreast in what’s up with the Winnipeg Police. They will tell you, based on district, what is happening with robberies, violent crimes, gang updates, general safety tips, and missing people.

For the last 10 days, I have been keeping an eye on my police updates. It has seemed to me that the people that are doing the crimes are super young!! If the people that are actually doing the crimes are young, in our neighbourhood, it shows us that our young people are screaming for help!


I just combed through my police stats for the last 9 days, from Aug 20th, until now. I compiled the ages of the victims and the offenders for this last 9 day time frame in our area.  The events I have included have been robberies, assaults and arsons. As such, I have determined the following conclusions:
  • There were a total of 10 reported victims and 19 reported offenders: I emphasize that this is only the reported numbers. I know that many people have lost faith in the police and do not call anymore when they should ( I am one of them).
  • 60% of victims were between the ages of 18-22: This is shitty, because it shows me it is a dangerous time to be a young person in our hood. The ages ranged from 18 to 65, but most were in the above age bracket. (4 people WERE 22 years old!)
  • 57% of offenders were under the age of 18!: Young people, that are not even adults yet, are committing more than half of these violent crimes.  That shows me our youth need help! The young people in our hood need productive OPPORTUNITY!! This is an SOS for Winnipeg, WE SHOULD BE LISTENING!! (here are the actual ages in that group: 12, 14, 14, 14, 14, 14, 15, 15, 15, 17,  17)


This is something that is not usually covered in the media. But AGAIN one of my friends was a victim of police brutality. He was tasered, he needed stitches in his head, and his face/back are all bruised to shit. I cannot believe this. The injustice. Isn’t there something called unnecessary force when someone is being arrested?!?! There were multiple police, and only one victim. He ran from the police and was ultimately beaten for it. 

Did you ever think that the reason that young people run from police is because there is a HUGE association with police and violence in our hood?!?! Young people are afraid of the police for this very reason. And many do not care about this. There is hardly a peep in the media when a young man is beaten beyond recognition by the police. Why would they report it on themselves?!?! It’s ok though because he got their badge numbers and I am going to try my best to help him out. It just sucks because this is so common. People are always abused in our hood by the police, I know their motto is ‘building relationships’ but when I see the proof that my friends get the shit kicked out of them by the people that are supposed to be keeping us safe…I don’t really know if I can believe that.

Be safe you guys.


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