Sunday, September 11, 2011

GET REAL Point Douglas (For Real!)

AYO! (Aboriginal Youth Opportunities) and our PolitiX initiative are proud to present:

YOUTH candidates Forum

If you are between the ages of 12 and 30 and live in the Point Douglas chunk of the North End, then this forum is for you! The GET REAL! Youth Forum is scheduled for Saturday September 24th from 3-5pm at Turtle Island Neighbourhood Centre. (510 King Street). The event, which features free voting info and free food, is intended to allow youth to pose their YES/NO questions to the candidates and get a straight up answer right away.

We realize this is the date of advance voting but we were unable to secure a location in Point Douglas on the Sunday.

Teresa Pun (Green) Mary Lou Bourgeois (Liberal) and Kevin Chief (NDP) have already confirmed so thank you! I hope John Vernaus(Conservative) is able to make it as well!

This may be one of the only opportunities we have to ask these candidates OUR questions people! Let's show these politicians how us North Enders GET REAL! (More info on Politix at #Politix on Twitter, or

Honesty & Courage,

Michael  Champagne
"Let us put our minds together to see what life we can make for our children" - Sitting Bull

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