Friday, September 2, 2011

GET REAL Point Douglas!

(Point Douglas)
by AYO! (Aboriginal Youth Opportunities)

Get Real
Saturday September 3rd 2011, 3-5pm @ Turtle Island Community Centre

GET REAL is a candidates forum where provincial Point Douglas candidates must face the youth they are trying to represent.  Each candidate will introduce themselves and participate in an introductory activity.  Then, we will move to the forum portion where students can ask their yes or no questions to the candidates. The candidates CANNOT SPEAK to answer the question, and must instead, concurrently hold up their YES/NO response to that youth’s question. At the end, each candidate will be given 10 minutes to explain their answers before the event comes to a conclusion.

“(Last time) was a great event, and 30 youth and several media outlets attended to watch NDP, Liberal and NDP participated in GET REAL about federal issues. Conservatives did not respond or show up for the debate.” – Michael Redhead Champagne – organizer.

This is a youth focused all candidate forum for Point Douglas (North End) in which Kevin Chief (NDP), Mary Lou Bourgeois (Liberal) and Harold Dyck on behalf of Teresa Pun (Green Party) will face off with one another. So far, no response from John Vernaus.

“It is an excellent opportunity for young people to be in control, and have politicians to simply answer a question.” Michael Redhead Champagne - organizer

Contact info:
Michael Redhead Champagne (Email)
@northendmc (Twitter)

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