Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kookum’s Medicine Walk & Feasting Our Hand Drum

5th Annual Kookum’s Medicine Walk
Wednesday September 21st 2011 9am-12pm

The  5th annual Kookum Kaa Na Da Maa Waad Abinoojiiak Council “Grandmothers Protecting our Children Medicine Walk allows community members to join our grandmothers in ceremony, and support them in their roles as protectors of the children.  You can check out what happened last year, by clicking here! The day begins at 8pm at Thunderbird House for ceremony with the Kookums.  Next, we will march from Thunderbird House to the Legislative Grounds where we will hear words from our Grandmothers and our youth. Find below an excerpt from the Kookums:

It is time  NOW. It does not matter  whether you come from a religious Faith based background  or not. Whether  you come from a Traditional background  or not .We are diverse Kookum/Elders from all our  Traditional and   Faith based  backgrounds, We come  together with one voice, one message  “The Love of our People” .

What you will need to bring  :
·     Prayer ties :You can have a circle with staff , clients and families and make prayer ties together for those we have lost .
·    Bring prayer ties to ceremony at Thunderbird House 8am[outside at ceremonial grounds]. Grandmothers will be there to receive you with Love and Guide you through Ceremony .
·        A light Breakfast will be inside Thunderbird House at aprox. 9am
·     Medicine Walk will start at 10 am and proceed to the Legislative Building where the Grandmothers Council and 4 of our  Youth will deliver their words of Wisdom to all  Peoples and invited Political guests  . 

Feasting Our Hand Drums (part 2)
Thursday September 22nd 2011 (6pm-9pm)

Many young people receive drums as gifts, make drums, or have a need to feast their hand drum. To that end, we would like to provide, this 2nd annual opportunity for our youth to learn from elders the importance of the drum. This event is a partnership between AYO! Healing Still Continues and the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs – Youth Secretariat.  It is an opportunity for young people to come together, learn from our elders and feast their hand drum. It is free to attend, but youth are asked to bring tobacco for elders, and of course, their hand drum.

PS – its also ok to come down if youth want to learn about what’s shaking. Sharing is caring.


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