Friday, September 9, 2011

MC (My City) Poem

The city is unforgiving
It forgets that we are dealing with people
People with spirits
Spirits that are actually quite frail
Even though we all appear to be stable
Underneath were still able to hurt
To cry to wonder what the fxck or why
We are all treaty people
If the paper says it it must be so
But that's not how you walk
Your crooked footsteps leave a trail so frail
The next generations ambitions and potential have already sailed
Away to greener pastures
vast dreams of escaping
Evading the negativity and the bullshit
Searching the land for integrity
But our country is afraid of its own children
It is our young men that act as martyrs
Suffering for a people ever tormented
the damage is done
The war isn't won
In fact, I would suggest that we haven't even really begun
There is still hope.


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