Thursday, September 15, 2011

Walk in Honour of Clarky Stevenson

Our young people need to know they are valuable – Kale Bonham

So, an 18 year old boy has been arrested and charged with 2nd degree murder in the 30th homicide of the year for Winnipeg.  That is very much frightening to me, because it shows you the state of our youth. THEYARE SCREAMING FOR HELP! I don’t know how to get this message out to our politicians, to our lawmakers, that our young people need to feel heard, validated.  They need to feel a sense of belonging somehow, and we as a community must come together quickly.

Friday September 15th at 5pm, family, friends and the community will come together at College and Aikins at 5pm. This is the Walk in Honour of Clarky Stevenson.  It has been organized by his friends Kayla (13), Grace (14) and Tonisha(15).  These amazing young people have organized this march in honour of a fallen loved one.  People came together, to get them t shirts, to make banners.  I am hoping more people show up to physically show their support not only to these girls, and to Clarky, but to show that YOU BELIEVE THE VIOLENCE MUST STOP! Our young people are killing one another for what?! To represent a colour? To be a part of some semblance of a family? YOU(th) ARE SO VALUABLE. No community, or family should ever have to deal with the loss of someone so young and so violently.

So Proud

I also want to say I am so proud of these girls. So young, and showing such community leadership.  We must support these young people because they will be the leaders to finally address our communities needs.

Be strong folks. See you Friday at 5.


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  1. "I don’t know how to get this message out to our politicians, to our lawmakers, that our young people need to feel heard, validated."

    Honestly? This is exactly how you get the message out, by doing what you're doing now. Keep demanding to be heard, and don't stop until you are.

    Keep doing what you're doing, getting more youth involved and speaking up and speaking out. Keep organizing. Keep marching. Keep blogging. Keep Tweeting. Keep asking questions. Keep telling your truth.

    It may take a long time, far too long. It will be, at times, frustrating and exhausting and heartbreaking and lonely and angering. If it gets too much, tell us -- those people who consider themselves your allies will be there to help lift you back up.

    Know that because you spoke up, some of us heard you, and are listening. And every time you speak up, and encourage more youth to do the same, more and more people will hear and will listen.

    And eventually, there will be enough speaking out that the people at the top will have no choice but to hear the message.


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