Friday, October 28, 2011

Keeping Education 'Fresh'


School has been up and running and our youth are about to receive the report card from the 1st Term of school.  Congrats to those students that have been able to do well enough that they have made it to the 2nd term.  But what happened to all the kids that started in September, and are no longer standing (in our classrooms)?!

I can tell you what happened, but this video does a better job

Changing Education Paradigms (by RSA Animation)

The world is a library. And I have learned more working in and for my community, than I ever have sitting behind the desk in a classroom (that goes for high school AND university). I believe that our young people and our youth already have the skills they need to be successful. I believe that we can build off of their gifts, their abilities in such a way that our students are not complacent.  If we move away from medicating our problems and our kids, and we actually look at what it FEELS LIKE to learn...and to LOVE learning...and we can share that with students of today, there is hope.

Stay 'Fresh' peeps.


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