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SAFE Stories: The Excellent Employer

SAFE Stories: I wanna comment on safety stuff, in relation to safety of the mind, body, emotions and spirit.  Also, I work for SAFE Workers of Tomorrow, and they got me trained to look at the world in a more…safe way :P

So I was recently traveling in the Parkland Region of our province. Those of you who don’t know what that is; its around Dauphin, MB.  So I was there for my job at SWOT and it was actually a pretty slick experience.  I got to visit 5 different communities while I was up here and deliver messages of occupational health and safety to the youth here. I spoke to groups in Roblin, Grandview, Ethelbert, Gilbert Plains and of course, Dauphin.

The Beautiful Prairie Sky
Highlight of my trip, I think, was when I wet to a place called CC’s Restaurant and Lounge for food.  It was right across from the place I’m staying in Dauphin, and so I went there a couple times.  The last time I went there, I was fortunate to bump into one of the owners/managers who was responsible for hiring and training new workers. SHE WAS AMAZING AND I HOPE EVERY YOUNG PERSON HAS THE OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE A BOSS LIKE THIS @ THEIR FIRST JOB.

What did she do that was so amazing you ask?! Well, it was all about the attitude. When we went to go pay for our food, she politely asked what we were doing in town.  When we told her we were occupational health an safety presenters for youth…she was so excited.  She told us many things that have caused me to fall in love with the words she said and have led me to dub this particular place of employment, an EXCELLENT EMPLOYER.  Here is a quick look at some of the clues that showed me what an amazing boss this lady is:

  • Workers  must wash the broom AND the dustpan: may seem weird or silly but this attention to detail gave me a lot of faith that this lady understands biological hazards, and how dangerous something small (like dust) can be. Her emphasis on cleanliness, especially cuz it was a restaurant, was awesome
  • Dish Safety: she emphasized when her workers are doing the dished to wash the clear glasses one at a time, and put any utensils into a separate pail so that you can work safely around the potential cutting hazards present. She said ‘I have to tell them 1,000 times but I still keep telling them’. Amazing! She understands that when learning, we must be reminded of things consistently. This comment was playful, not blaming.
  • Open Minded: this lady was very much eager to work with young people.  They even had signs on the tables letting the customers know that if any young people were looking for a great first job to come apply. I couldn’t agree more! She also made a comment about how safety should be ‘common sense’ and we told her, its not common for young and new workers yet, right? She agreed, and said we were right. Wow, what humility! What made it even more amazing was once she learned what we were doing in town, she ASKED FOR HELP!! She asked us if we had any resources we could leave with her so she can drive the message of safety home to her future new workers.

All of these points made me so excited and hopeful for the young people of the Parkland region that there are employers that really care about the youth in their community. There ARE employers out there that want to make you safe, that want YOUth to have a great working experience, that understand that taking care of the whole person is important, more important than the finances of the business. Thank you so much, anonymous lady, for being such an EXCELLENT EMPLOYER!

In other news…

What an amazing opportunity this has been to see the beauty of our province…and in addition I have seen such beauty in the wildlife, specifically the birds including…2 eagles. One eagle today, seemed to fly out of the woods, and flew over top of the vehicle I was driving in, only to fly back into the woods. Eagles are so amazing and every time I get to see one (sort of) close up, I get this amazing feeling inside…must be LOVE :)

Courage friends,


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