Monday, October 10, 2011


That's right, my Thanksgiving was spent, donating my time to SAFE Workers of Tomorrow, traveling from Winnipeg to the middle of our province.  But it was beautiful.  I am grateful for the many opportunities that continue to present themselves to me in my life that allow me to appreciate what I have. and for that reason, I feel like I am FULL of thanks.

I am thankFULL that we have an earth to walk upon.
I am thankFULL that I get to see our beautiful province
I am thankFULL that I have air to breathe
I am thankFULL that I can find enough food to eat
I am thankFULL that I can share my gifts with the people around me
I am thankFULL that I feel like I can make a difference.

What are you thankFULL for?


PS - and yes I know the Colonial history of Thanksgiving, but I am deliberately NOT focusing on that. We have to move past the anger at some point...and I am mad at every thanksgiving when I think of what happened to our people...but I don't want that to me my every positivity is a deliberate choice. I am thankFULL that I can make it.

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