Friday, November 18, 2011

EKOSI/THANKYOU! (Meet Me @ The Bell Tower - Stop The Violence)

Good morning folks!

The speakers predominantly young, male and Aboriginal. Many people brought items to share and we have a list of thank you’s a mile long!

  1. HOPE T- Shirts – Designed by Kale Bonham, printed with support from Ross Eadie, City Councillor.
  2. Muffins & Cake & Gingerbread House – from the Champagnes, my amazing family
  3. Candles, Posters & Facebook power – AYO! the Anti-Gang we rocked it out and have
  4. The Media – too many for me to know right now, we attracted tons of media attention for the good that we are doing. Way to smash some stereotypes, more links will be posted later. For now, you can check out CTV here and the Winnipeg Free Press Here.
  5. Kale & the FWD: St. John’s Team – for providing awesome photos, Link to album HERE
  6. THE NORTH END – for being so full of amazing and supportive people who are willing to stand up to make a change, and are not afraid to talk about our children.

I am indebted to the speakers tonight, your names I did not capture, but your messages were heard loud and clear: We are finished with the violence. If we see someone in the street who needs our help, we should help them. If we see a child in distress, we should reach out to them, if we see an opportunity to do good, we need to do it.

We must tell our friends, and family and tell them to drop their colours. Forget about gangs and step into their beautiful North End Community. Volunteer. People can join in with AYO by checking out our facebook page. If you want to get involved with NECRC (North End Community Renewal Corps.), North End Community Helpers Network & MORE you can come check out next weeks event…

That’s right. We asked you what you wanted and you told us. We need to do this more often. And so, as decided by the patented AYO! Voting system (aka dot stickers on a big piece of paper) we will be meeting again next week for an event called:

This event is an opportunity to take our positive message one step further and begin to make plans on how we put our resources together to make change. Some of the things you can look forward to learning about include:
  • AYO! (Aboriginal Youth Opportunities) and the exciting opportunities you can get involved with, or the chance to share your own gifts and ideas with the community.
  • NECRC’s Youth initiative, North End Rising will be presenting an information session so that young people in the North End can learn how they can get involved with even more positive opportunities
    • The FWD: North End Youth Newspaper – a chance to get work experience, volunteer to put together a North End Youth Newspaper and develop your gifts as much as you want to.
    • A North End Youth Council – imagine, an opportunity to meet once a month with other young leaders from the North End. Hear from them about all of the exciting things that are happening in their neighbourhoods. You can join and represent anything, a resident’s association, a youth organization, a church group or more!
    • North End 5 Year Plan: learn about how YOU decided our community should go in the next 5 years, from 2011 to 2016. YOUTH are the # 1 priority but we also wanna do some fun stuff like Economic Development, which means more stores and money opportunities in our hoods and chances to get paid to share our many gifts!
Ok. I will finish ranting for now by saying EKOSI. Thank you so much to everyone who came out and I am so excited for all of us to bring a friend next week so we can begin to build on what we started today. Aboriginal Youth are not apathetic and I am so proud of the warriors, the young Aboriginal men and women, and our families and our entire community for coming out to support our voices. Thank you for hearing us.

Please, don’t think its too late to get involved. We are doing it all again next week. Please check us out @ The Bell Tower again, for Hands of Hope :)

Love & Respect

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