Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Meet Me @ The Bell Tower - HANDS OF HOPE (Fri Nov 25/11)

That’s right. We asked you what you wanted and you told us. We need to do this more often. And so, as decided by the patented AYO! Voting system (aka dot stickers on a big piece of paper) we will be meeting again next week for an event called:

This event is an opportunity to take our positive message one step further and begin to make plans on how we put our resources together to make change. Some of the things you can look forward to learning about include:
  • AYO! (Aboriginal Youth Opportunities) and the exciting opportunities you can get involved with, or the chance to share your own gifts and ideas with the community.
  • NECRC’s Youth initiative, North End Rising will be presenting an information session so that young people in the North End can learn how they can get involved with even more positive opportunities
    • The FWD: North End Youth Newspaper – a chance to get work experience, volunteer to put together a North End Youth Newspaper and develop your gifts as much as you want to.
    • A North End Youth Council – imagine, an opportunity to meet once a month with other young leaders from the North End. Hear from them about all of the exciting things that are happening in their neighbourhoods. You can join and represent anything, a resident’s association, a youth organization, a church group or more!
    • North End 5 Year Plan: learn about how YOU decided our community should go in the next 5 years, from 2011 to 2016. YOUTH are the # 1 priority but we also wanna do some fun stuff like Economic Development, which means more stores and money opportunities in our hoods and chances to get paid to share our many gifts!
    This is it. We in the North End have been waiting for so long for an opportunity to take back our community and this is it. if we can come together, we can bring the young people, the businesses, the parents, the Elders, the children together...we can beat this violence.  You guys already proved it last Friday when 40 of us battled the snow and STILL showed up. There will be more awesomeness to come, just check us on Friday.

    Please, Its NOT too late to get involved. We are doing it all again (and probably will be doing this for a while). Please check us out @ The Bell Tower, for Hands of Hope :)

    Love (simply love)

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