Saturday, November 12, 2011

Meet Me @ the Bell Tower

So today, AYO! Leadership met at Paressa restauranton Selkirk Avenue.  We planned and were able to discuss a variety of things, but most importantly we were able to plan an exciting event that we want to invite the world to...

The bottom line is we are sick and tired of how much violence is happening in our community. All of us are. I am sick and tired of having to bury the people that are important to me. I am sick of people feeling hopeless.

There is HOPE

On Friday November 18th young North Enders are fighting back. If you want this violence to stop, come with us. Please, we are asking that anyone, but especially young people come to the Bell Tower on Salter and Selkirk at 6pm and meet with us.  We are currently working on getting HOPE/AYO Anti Gang T Shirts for people who are interested in coming as well as other forms of merchandise or advertising.  There will be live entertainment at the event, as well as some type of free food. So far we have agreements from a Twitter Friend from the Winnipeg Free Press who is interested in covering the story, and we are working on getting more radio/media press.

If anyone is interested in helping us organize or advertise for this vent, please do not hesitate to send an e-mail to  We are currently looking for assistance in purchasing the T Shirts…and buying the food.

Love, Respect & Courage


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