Wednesday, November 16, 2011

True Stories: North Enders DO Care!

Dear World.

We are already winning our battle. I have known, like many of you, that the North End is full of amazing and inspiring people. I happen to be fortunate to come from a community where we are all genuinely giving and caring people that do not believe that violence is the answer. I do believe that we have become fed up with the systems around us, and so for many of us crime and violence have been our only (apparent) option.

Not Anymore

In the past week, North Enders have been sending AYO support, sending me personal letters of encouragement and support, that I am moved to tears. I am so inspired by the showing of support that has come from our North End Family.

True Stories of North End Style SUPPORT

Here are a couple Facebook messages I received recently as a result of all the support media has been giving us and our cause. It feels like the tides are turning, read it for yourself:

  • saw your interview on CTV news, i live in North End, i support what your doing, its important that those who are scaring the crap out of us and our kids know that there are a whole lot of families that still believe, we can have a safer neighbourhood. Silence seems to be what makes things worse.
  • Hey!!
    I just heard what your doing for the city on CTV! It's really inspiring to hear what you're doing. And keep up the good work! That's totally awesome.
    And don't ever give up! :)  
Check out these e-mail messages t
  • I saw you on cky news. I'm proud of you although I don't know u... I like  that you are trying to make a difference in people's lives. Not just native people but ultimately, everyone in our city. I saw a girl on the news that commented that your rally/march won't really make a difference. That attitude makes me a little angry but mostly sad. I'm sure u have to deal with alot of negativity but I sense you are a strong minded guy so I expect to see u evolve into a very inspirational leader in this city. ;-) So yeah, thanks for your passion and I really wish u well.
And real live people from within our city have rallied to support us. Starting, amazingly, with one of our very own local elected officials!



  1. i've been following your blog for a little while and i'm impressed by your energy, your thoughtfulness and your commitment to making the north end, and the city as a whole, a better place to live.
    i run a social justice/ecoaction club at the k-8 school that i work at. our secretary was presenting some of the work that the united way supports to the students of the club. your video came up and it was great to watch the students reactions. they were genuinely impressed. you are a role model for those kids and you're making a difference. keep it up.

  2. Yes! Love the feedback you're getting. Congrats on the success so far, I know you're going to do wonderful things for this city!


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