Thursday, November 3, 2011

Under the Influence: Flo Rida, Avicii & Etta James

Woa-oh, sometimes…I get a good feeling!

‘Good Feeling’ by Flo Rida (2011)

So Flo Rida recently had a top 10 hit on the BillBoard Charts with ‘Good Feeling’ I really like this song and feel its important for me to acknowledge that I LOVE IT how many hip hop artists are presenting new music that is danceable AND positive. I got such respect for Flo Rida for his lyrics in this song, the video shows him having lotsa fun doing things that give him a ‘good feeling’. I laughed a few times while I was watching it out loud (LOL for real!).

‘Levels’ by Avicii (2011)

This is actually sampling a song by 22 year old Swedish DJ Avicii. This guy was mentored by people like Eric Prydz and Swedish House Mafia who are both killer producers that have released some wicked beats in recent times.  Most Recently Swedish House Mafia did a song called Miami to Ibiza’ with London, UK Rapper Tinie Tempah.  I Love it how modern artists today, from across the world are taking the old and making it new. They are musical pioneers sharing the sol of past generations with today’s youth.

‘Something’s Got a Hold On Me’ by Etta James (1962)

This is where soul came from eh! Wow. You Go Etta. Xtina recently did a cover of this song for her movie Burlesque. I love it when we take the old, and make it new. Its like a modern musical representation of ‘Respect for Elders’!

Music = Life


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