Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Winnipeg We Day Challenge

So today, 16,000 young people gathered at the MTS Centre rallying around a message that together, we can make change. This was We Day; an epic cultish type youth empowerment machine. it was equipped with choreographed dances for the audience, esteemed and well known local heroes as well as political people. Overall, I really enjoyed myself! My personal Top 3 moments came when:
  1. Paul Martin spoke about his Martin Foundation that provides opportunities for Aboriginal people to attend or finish school. He spoke about the inequalities and about how it is all of our duties as Canadians to support the education of our First Nations youth.
  2. Al Gore: spoke about the importance of  Respecting mother earth. He said that climate change IS possible, and those that say it isn’t are crooked. He said it is the youth that will change things….and I believe him.
  3. Michel Chikwanine: This one actually made me solidly shed tears. I couldn't handle the pain. This former child soldier shared his story and the action of taking a vow of silence on November 30th on behalf of the voiceless.
Well, that being said, I have a challenge for you, please see the Video Below

AND! This just in! Local Hip Hop Star Lorenzo has agreed to perform a couple of tracks! Please make sure that you tell your friends to come check out Lorenzo perform a couple of tracks. We even have some exciting opportunities to share about how all of us can start working together to give hope, and stop the violence.

Love & Respect


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  1. Wouldn't it be great if video game companies temporarily disabled all violent games on Nov 30 in support of the Vow of Silence?

    Let's start a social network movement to challenge the companies to stop the virtual violence for one day!


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