Sunday, December 4, 2011

Be The Change & Lighting Up The Avenue

Hey folks!

Thanks so much to all of you who have been reading, and of course, attending the Bell Tower rally's that began just 3 weeks ago. since then over 200 community members have sent a strong message that North Enders are not apathetic.

I have decided to move the factual information that is happening over to the North End Winnipeg Blog. The purpose of that blog is to inform and celebrate the goodness of our community, and that i exactly what it has done.

If you are interested in helping out as a gust blogger on the North End Blog, you certainly can as we need all the help we can get. Check out a clip of the most recent Bell Tower event here...

Meet Me @ The Bell Tower – Be The Change

Meet Me @ The Bell Tower has become an opportunity for us as a North End Community to stand together. These rallies happen on Fridays at the Bell Tower on Selkirk and Powers. The Indian Family Centre has graciously offered to share their space for our bumpin’ After Party, aka a time of celebration and organizing for community action.

Another thing I wanna mention is the 9th annual LUTE (or Lighting Up The Avenue!) Thanks to community partners coming together, we will be celebrating the season in style @ Ndinawe Youth Resource Centre (470 Selkirk Avenue) on Thursday December 8th 2011. We will have food, prizes, an avenue lighting ceremony and who knows...Santa may even pop in!

Tell your families, and bring out the Kids on Thurs for LUTA, and on Friday for Be The Change!

Love, Respect and Awesomeness


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