Friday, December 2, 2011

Bring Your Vision To The Bell Tower

Have you ever heard of the Merchant's Hotel in the North End of Winnipeg?

Well, the reason I am blogging this is because it is about to become something very needed, and very hopeful in our North End community.  The building is being purchased, and us as North Enders have an opportunity to share our vision with the community coalition. it is being led by NECRC (North End Community Renewal Corporation) the same group that is bringing together North End youth leaders with North End Rising (a North End Youth Council. To better explain I will reference the U of W's Website:
A growing community coalition including the North End Community Renewal Corporation (on behalf of their community partners), Urban Circle Training Centre Inc., The Selkirk Avenue BIZ, Andrews Street Family Centre, Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre, Ndinawemaaganag Endaawaad Inc. and The University of Winnipeg Urban and Inner-City Studies program are working to acquire the Merchants Hotel and adjacent lots with ownership transfer slated for April 2012. 
 In any event, there have already been a few community consultations, I was fortunate to attend one. I was able to put forward a couple dreams that I have for Merchant's corner, including a one stop shop for youth resources, and an overnight drop in centre for youth.

We Need YOUR Vision

The time is now for us as a community to come together and share our vision. We will be doing several exciting things including planning  North End Crime Strategy, forming the Hands of Hope Committee, and sending a message ad sharing OUR dreams for what we believe the Merchant's Hotel can become.

Please share this blog post, share the facebook event, but most importantly, please COME TO THE BELL TOWER TODAY, FRIDAY @ 6PM. I also challenge any media people reading this to come to this event. We have already had 140 people come and show us they believe we are strong and we deserve better than this violence. I dare all of you to come to the bell tower, stand with us, and share your vision.

Love & Respect


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