Tuesday, December 13, 2011

COMING SOON: Selkirk Avenue Banners

This is it people. 22 years later, Selkirk Avenue is about to receive some shiny, fresh youth designed banners from Main Street all the way to Arlington. This project has been in the making for close to a year, and the moment of revelation will come in the first week of 2011 at the Bell Tower.

You can see above what the current situation is of the Banners on our beloved Selkirk Avenue. lameness. These banners are outdated, most are missing, and those that do remain are faded and tattered. This is not the symbol of beauty and hope that I KNOW we deserve in our North End community.

Enter Creative Expressions
So thanks to a little AYO! Idea called Creative Expressions, a weekly opportunity to learn how to express ourselves in creative ways, the new banners are almost here. In February of this year, Student -Teacher Candidate Kale Bonham initiated the project in her classroom at Children of the Earth High School. You can see some examples of celebrating Kale's Leadership below. She shared one simple idea and the ball began to roll...

Kale put together this image of the Arlington Bridge as a way of getting the student's creative juices flowing. They were then invited to the After School CE program where the designs were initiated. Partners were approached and agreed to help including North End Community Renewal Corporation, the Selkirk Avenue BIZ Children of the Earth High School, Ralph Brown Community Centre and the City of Winnipeg. From there, the youth of the North End took control to create some brand new banners for our beautiful community!

What happened next was amazing...

So the AYO/COTE/Ralph Brown youth all decided to work away on this project over the summer and came up with 5 designs that were presented to the Selkirk Avenue BIZ in the fall. It was determined that the 5 images that were selected would go on the lamp posts from Main, to Arlington, beautifying the Selkirk Strip with youth art, and a strong message, that the business community in the North End, stands behind the youth that live here.


There is HOPE for our North End Community. There is beauty here, and strength. Our young people are talented, resilient and gifted. And if you ever come to a place/time where you forget that, just take a stroll down Selkirk Avenue in the New Year...and look up.


  1. This is great news. I'm just working on a story about the Selkirk BIZ for the Times. I've been hearing a bit of what you're doing. Keep up the good work. Maybe I'll link you in to my story. Or perhaps we can get in touch.

  2. Designs look amazing! Great job!


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